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Why Camping Is Better Than Stay in Hotel?

When someone asking why camping is better than stay in a hotel or resort, the first thing that comes out from most people’s minds would be the cost. It is much cheaper for camping than stay in the hotel. Well, this is true. But other than this factor, there are actually many more advantages that you can have for going camping instead of staying in the hotel. You may wonder what the advantages that you can have. Well, let’s us figure them out together in this post.

Why Going Camping and not Stay in Hotel?

Going to outdoor camping is an active and healthy lifestyle. It reflecting an optimistic attitude towards life and a manifestation of certain spiritual that we all pursue. It is not only an activity that can cultivate our sentiment, but it also can grow our knowledge, exercises our body, calms our body and mind, and also make it a good challenge for ourselves.

camping tent

Through outdoor camping, people can better understand their potential, enhance their self-confidence, face challenges, and be brave enough to overcome difficulties. Through outdoor sports, people can deeply feel the teamwork spirit of interdependence and mutual help between people in a difficult situation. This is not only influenced by the return to nature and the general trend of nature but also the innate need to fall in love with the natural life.

The rise of outdoor leisure camping has led people to gradually pick to go camping instead of staying in the hotel. They are feeling happier to go to embrace the wilderness, and indulge in the environment between human beings and nature. Therefore, going camping becomes the form of adventures for people to surpass themselves and challenge the limits.

Any Other Benefits I Can Get?

Nevertheless, many people are still not quite convinced with these and they will still choose to stay in the hotel. They may still have doubts and questions about whether there is anything special for them to go camping instead of staying in the hotel? Of course, there is still a lot that we can talk about. Let’s read on.

Cost is Still Number One Factor

Anyway, we will still go back to the cost first. Economy wise, compared to hotels, outdoor camping is definitely more economical. You can make a one-time investment to buy all the necessary camping gears and equipment, which may cost you a few hundred dollars; or if you pick for more luxury equipment, they may cost you one or two thousand dollars. And that’s the cost that you need to pay. Once you have all this equipment, you can make use of them for many years.

Whereas for staying in the hotel, even you are staying in the cheapest motel, it may still cost you a few hundred dollars for a night; for the luxury hotel may cost you even several thousand a night. Therefore in terms of economically, outdoor camping is undoubtedly better.

Of course, we are not talking about RV here. If you own an RV, then it is a totally different story as the cost can be very high if you need to count in the gas, insurance, breakdowns, and maintenance.

Camping vs Hotel Cost

Portability and Mobility

Secondly, let’s talk about mobility. When we travel to some places where people are sparsely populated, it is not easy to find a good hotel. Even we can find one, the hotel may be far away from the scenic spot.

For camping, this is totally different. You can have a lot of options. You can find a place that is near to the river, with lightning protection, and beast-proof. You can also get in touch with nature at night and you can sleep with the waves.



It can be very relaxing and very pleasant to participate in camping activities. For example, in the evening, the family sitting together and looking up at the stars, that feeling is too good, it is almost impossible to have such experience if stay in the hotel.

And one more thing to add, it’s easier to find a camping site to place your tent than a hotel in any area during the peak holiday season.

Pursue of Freedom

The pace of modern life is accelerating, the pressure of life is increasing, and people in the hustle-bustle of the city are more eager to find some kind of harmony, childhood freedom, and carefree life.

This kind of life has disappeared with the development of the times and the age. So there is a new way of life emerge where people can enjoy comfort in nature and relieve their troubles in a free life. They may ride a bicycle and carry a backpack with a tent, or drive their RV full of camping equipment and going camping. They won’t pick the hotel as they may end up lay on the bed and watch TV for the whole day.

Bond With Your Kids

You can have a lot of bonding time where this is rather hard for you to have for accommodating in the hotel. In camping, you can play the board game, card game, singing the song around a campfire, or playing some ball games which will make your relationship with your kids to be closer.

Hygiene and  Sanitation

Since you are the one who purchases and owns all your camping stuff, you are familiar with them and you will take good care of them with all the hygiene and sanitation matter. However, if you are staying in a hotel, you will have no idea who was the last person that slept in your bed, used the shower, and the toilet. You definitely don’t know how many people been using the towels, pillows, and blankets you are going to use in the hotel.

No Hidden Camera

When you are camping, you will not afraid of having any hidden camera shooting at you and intrude on your privacy. But for some hotels with no reputation, you just don’t know whether they are having the video camera hidden behind the wall or not. There are many cases where people became victims by being shot in the hidden video cam when they are bathing or having sex in the hotel room.

Avoid Traffic and Crowded People in the City

You can relax and get away from traffic congestion for a few days when you are going camping. You can have sufficient space at the campsite and release your stress without worry about traffic which can annoy and frustrate you most of the time.

Also, you can avoid the crowded people in the city where there are people everywhere. Every restaurant that you intend to go to have lunch is having a long queue which can really make you mad.

Flexible on How Many Days You Want to Stay

If you book a room in a hotel for 4 nights and will decide to leave earlier after staying for 2 nights, most probably the hotel will ask you to pay a fee. Or if you only book a room for 2 nights and then decided to extend your stay, they may have no more room available and you will need to leave.

This is different from the campsite. If you are at the campsite, you can leave anytime. And you can stay any time you want.

Socialized With Like-minded People

Other than enjoy a unique experience together that will help you keep a close and healthy relationship with your friends and family, you are also having a chance to meet new people with like-minded during camping.

For people who love camping, they may have many things in common. We did meet a lot of new friends from our camping trips who have the same values of living like us. There are people who share with us about zero waste, homeschooling their children, foresting and we learn a lot from them. These are things that we start practicing as well after knowing the merit of them.

Away From TV, Tablet, and Phones

Our daughter is really obsessed with the smartphone. Whether we are going to the mall, having a meal in the restaurant, or stay at home, she will keep on whining and want to see the phone. This is driving us crazy and this is also one of the reasons why we decided to go for outdoor activities more often.

When our daughter going camping with us, there are many other same-age children that she can find there. So, she will be busy playing with them and totally forgot about phones. Camping is just a saving grace for us.

Test Out Your Gadget

I always want to try out a good solar generator which I can use for about 1 week during my camping trip. I can’t do so if I bring it to the hotel as it is just very inconvenient to carry out any testing. I did buy a portable solar rechargeable generator but never have a chance to test on it.

Last month finally I managed to use it and I just found this is the best solar generator that I ever have! I camped for 3 days and this generator just performs very well where it charged all my smartphone, USB fans, flashlight, and heater.

My friend also bought a battery heated clothing and it was fine when he wears in his house. But when he brings to the campsite and put it on during the raining day, he only found out the battery heated clothing isn’t waterproof. The cloth was broken after being poured by rain and he just lost his $100 heated jacket.

So if you are getting a new outdoor gadget, it is best for you to go camping and test it out. You can know how practical the gadget is for you to use.

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Learn New Skill

Some people are learning a new skill during camping. My friend, Sue, never cook for her life. But she learned how to cook spaghetti on camping. She can now cook really well and we really love the way she makes the spaghetti which is very yummy.

Besides cooking, you may also learn the skill of how to tie a rope, install a flysheet, and many more.

No Rule to Follow

If you are using the hotel facilities there are certain rules that you need to obey. Like if you are going to the swimming pool, you are required to wear formal swimsuit, some hotels may require you to wear a swimming cap. This can be kind of frustrated if you forget to bring them with you.

But if you camp near the river, there is no rule that you need to follow. You can jump into the river with your shirt and pant and nobody will restrict you to swim in there. (But please don’t take off all your clothes and swim naked!)

Avoid Freak Out by Haunted Hotel

We heard a lot of scary ghost stories about staying in the hotel. You have less worry if you are staying at a campsite where there are many people who stay together around you.

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