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What Is The Difference Between Camping and Glamping?

Some of my friends asking me what exactly Glamping is and why they should it in preference to regular Camping. The short answer I give them is that Glamping takes the pain, hardship, and baseness out of the camping experience.

This allows you to experience the great outdoors in comfort, warmth, and without sleepless nights. The counter-argument is that Camping is all about those things and removing them from the outdoor Camping experience diminishes in a major way.

I can see that point of view (and at a level wouldn’t disagree with it) BUT. Glamping is achieving something that many people have been advocating over many years. Glamping is opening camping to a less hardy generation and making the enjoyable part of the camping experience available to many who would never undertake it otherwise.

How this can be good for the camping business is obvious and community and I wholly endorse what Glamping brings to the table.

What Is Glamping – How Is It Related To Camping?

What is Glamping? It is a fittingly coined the term to describe this very unusual version of camping. Die-hard campers whose idea of a good time is pitching a pup tent in the middle of a forest with no electrical outlets, running water, or toilet facilities. Beware! Glamping may not be your style (although I wouldn’t be too quick to rule it out as a great experience)!

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“Glamping” is derived from combining the words – you guessed it – “Glamour” and “Camping.” Glamping. Get it? It is a luxury form of camping with accommodations that rival The Plaza for high-class comfort! It’s kind of like roughing it – only without the rough part. More like the comforts of home, but away from home.

Glam camping can be experienced in a broad range of prices and accommodations. There are even stores and websites specifically aimed to provide equipment and/or instructions for Glampers. If you browse the web, you will find plenty of websites designed for glampers – and some photos of the “camping accommodations” (and I use that term loosely) that will amaze you.

Where It All Began?

I think the idea originated way back when safaris were all the vogue and American and European travelers flocked to the wilds of Africa to enjoy the open spaces and wild animals while sleeping under the stars.

But these travelers were, more often than not, of a wealthier stock being a safari adventure came at a high cost. These were not anyone who would have been content to lie in a sleeping bag under said stars and eat meals out of a tin can.

Hence, the larger, fancier canvas tent lodging that could accommodate a whole living room’s worth of comfortable furniture – or at least a Queen Size brass bed with luxurious bedding. Butlers and chefs were part of the package as well … and thus Glamping was born.


What is luxury camping like today in its modern form? In a word – wonderful. There are resorts and luxury campgrounds that specialize in high-end camping experiences. They offer beautiful tents that are bigger than most master bedrooms. Someone raises them on a platform off the ground to combat any wetness and even come with a heater.

But that’s not all. These tents include such amenities as private bathrooms with claw foot, or even a jacuzzi, tubs, plus a butler who is there, if for no other reason, then to remind you that you are definitely NOT in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. The beds boast a comfort equal to the Hilton.

But it’s not all tent camping. Some glam camping resorts and campgrounds also offer luxury cabins where their guests can enjoy nature from the vantage point of the hot tub on their screened-in back porch, or while enjoying a massage by a licensed massage therapist on their cabin’s front porch. Nothing is too good for these glamping nature lovers.

You may laugh, but the consensus is, once one has gotten over the initial embarrassment of indulging in this luxury camping, they want to come back – again and again. It is not uncommon for resorts that sponsor these luxury experiences to be booked over a year in advance!

Glam camping camps, resorts, sponsors – whatever you call these providers catering to the luxury camping experience – can be found in all the places of your dreams: Yosemite, Sonoma (Yes, that would be wine-tasting glamping), under the never-ending Big Sky country of Montana. You name it.

Difference Between Camping and Glamping Accessories

The gear and tools used for Camping are practical and may not be the luxury at all. But for Glamping, all the accessories are luxury and sometimes you feel like it is even better than staying in the hotel.

These Glamping accessories can completely change your impression of your camping experience and you may easily get high interest to want to try out yourself to indulge in this luxury outdoor Glamping activity. Now, let us look at the comparison for the accessories differences between them.

Why Do People “Glamp”?

People go luxury camping for many reasons – the novelty of the experience probably ranking as the number one reason. Some do it because it is such a unique twist on camping … others because they are not into camping, but love the outdoors. It’s the best of both worlds – they are camping, but they’re not … “camping,” that is. It’s a great getaway from the kids.


It will prime the conversation pump for years to come. For instance, you state rather casually to your in-laws, “Mary (your wife) and I went Glamping …” to which they reply, “What is Glamping?”

The perfect opportunity has someone who has opened just to you to launch into your story! It makes for great tweeting too. I recently saw a Twitter post that said, “Gone glamping.” It triggered a long stream of Tweets about what this form of outdoor activity is. There were some fairly strong opinions expressed, both pro and con.

Price-wise, this method of camping seems a fairly reasonable undertaking. For the price of a nice hotel, you can spend a night in one of those luxury tents.

Sure, you could also stay at a Hilton for the cost of a $59 bid on Priceline – but what’s the fun of that? Sure, you’ll have the luxury and the pampering (in glam camping terminology, would that be “pamping”?), but what are you going to tell your in-laws?

Camping in a luxury tent would set you back around $146 for a night, but that includes the stars and big Montana sky thrown in for free. It is something you would reminisce about for years to come.

This isn’t something unique just to the U.S. You may have seen adverts about glamping in Washington, Colorado glamping, or even glamping in Costa Rica. However, looking further afield I’ve seen websites about glamping in the U.K. and Canada.

You can go glamorous camping in Sardinia, Portugal, Andalucia, Malaysia. Fodors even writes about it, not to mention Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman), who had a drawing for a book (not her own) about glamping. I’ve also seen ads for Glamping in a Tiny House (another recent trend).

Glamping sounds like so much fun, doesn’t it?. It would even make a great gift. Sometimes I’ll give a night in a B&B as a wedding or anniversary gift (but only to very close friends and family). A night of glamping sounds like an even better idea!

Are you as sold as I am? Frankly, I was ready to sign up about halfway through this article. If you’ve learned something new and are ready for a unique experience, then whether camping or glamping maybe you should go glamping on your next vacation.

Does Glamping Need Planning Permission?

It requires rural business owners and landowners to work on the fundamentals like developing the structure constitutes to get the planning permission to develop a Glamping site.

To increase the chances of getting the planning permission being approved by the Government, the landowners and rural business owners need to receive good support from the residents and The Council. If they are supportive for you to build the Glamping site in the area, then it will be easy for the government to approve your project and you can run the business in no time.

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