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What Everybody Ought To Know About Camping Grills

With the many types of camping grills available, it might become hard to choose which is the best one. Decide on what type of camping you are going to do, and this will help to narrow the choices. Camping grills come in various sizes, and even the smaller ones are excellent for cooking on. Some camping grills come with foldable side shelves, extendable legs, warming grates, and are lightweight.

Gas Grills

Gas grills are easy to light and the cleanup can be a breeze. Propane grills are the most popular of all grills. Propane grills will accommodate a small canister that screws onto the grill or can be connected to a larger propane tank.

camping grill

Gas grills only take 5 to 10 minutes to heat up and the heat can be adjusted with a simple turn of the knob. To help duplicate the charcoal flavor, you can now buy different types of wood chips. It’s simple, just soak the wood chips in water for about thirty minutes before using them.

Electric Grills

Electric grills are the easiest of all grills to use. Just plug it in and start grilling. However, what you gain in convenience you lose in flavor and power.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills will give you great flavor and more authentic grilling experience. While they may be cheaper than other grills, the cost of charcoal is higher than other fuel sources and you have to carry bags of charcoal with you. Charcoal grills take more time to start up and are much harder to clean. In addition, you have to wait until the coals have cooled before cleanup can start.

A Primer on Portable Grills

You’re in the great outdoors! Whether it’s the patio out back or a tent in the outback, outdoor living is great. But, don’t forget the food! Having a great portable grill lets you set up a kitchen just about anywhere. And the grilled food, even simple fare, takes on a flavor you’ll find so very, very delectable.

You can find a variety of grills at just about any home-improvement outlet, hardware store, or even large variety stores, especially during the summer. Different models of portable grills employ a number of different fuels.

Wood-burning grills have become very popular these last few years. They impart a wonderful flavor to your grilled food. Charcoal-fueled grills are a proven option. And portable gas grills have been very popular these last few decades.

Portable grills come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, low-to-the-ground models that will satisfactorily grill a couple of hot dogs or hamburgers. Other small grills are waist-high. These types can cost anywhere from twenty to a hundred dollars and will give good service for around five years.

Of course, larger grills are available. Perhaps you’d prefer some larger models for your backyard cookouts. In fact, you can find models selling for up to a thousand dollars or more. And most of these are still portable.

Grab a tank of propane, drag your grill down to the beach, and have yourself a great fourth of July cookout. Also, grills made to accommodate large crowds can be wood-burning and charcoal-fueled as well.

But the cooking contraption, whether fueled by wood, charcoal, or propane, isn’t the only thing you’ll need. A must-have is a set of tongs. Purchase a sturdy pair that feels good in your hands, that you can operate deftly. Stainless steel would be the best. You might get some magnetized tongs that will attach firmly to your grill while you transport it.

An infrared thermometer is another consideration. It will come in handy for a large cookout. This type of thermometer can monitor the temperature of several different types of food without having to insert it into the food itself.

Of course, you’ll want a fork with a long handle. A long-handled flipper is good to have. Along, a multipurpose knife will be useful as well. These also should probably be of stainless steel. Don’t forget apron. And a big white puffy hat would seal the deal, guaranteeing a good laugh from your hungry guests.

As you can see, from the grill itself to the accessories to have on hand, there is any number of choices to make when deciding to become an outdoor chef. When you shop, be sure to compare the selections and prices at a number of stores.

A terrific idea would be to check out the choices online. A surprise deal is most likely to show up there and save you a platter-full of bucks. Just remember, be safe, grill responsibly. Your portable grill will give you lots of enjoyment, great memories, and some darn good eats.

Portable Gas Grill for Camping

Planning ahead to an upcoming camping trip and wondering what you’ll eat? If you invest a bit of money in a portable gas grill, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll eat better on your trip than you would imagine possible for camping.

When people think of camping food, they think of granola for snacks and beans for meals. Certainly, these are great forms of fiber and protein, respectively, but they’re not the most fun or tasty things to eat, especially after one or two meals.

Buying a portable gas grill really opens up the possibilities you have for eating while you camp. Whether just cooking for yourself, or for the whole family, these small grills can accommodate a lot more than you would expect.
There are several factors that make these ideal camping grills:


Obviously, portable grills are portable. But it’s not just that they’re small that makes them so. Most good portable gas grills will also be made very easy to carry. They will fold up, collapse, or detach from their legs or stand (if they have legs or a stand–some are table-top and great for picnic tables). What’s more, many come with carrying cases that have sturdy handles, so it’s not hard to get the grill to your campsite, no matter how far from your car.

Easy on fuel

Gas grills don’t use too much fuel, and portable grills aren’t powered by those big tanks that large grills are. Small, disposable (though don’t dispose of them in the woods) propane tanks are much lighter and easier to bring with you.

And of course, a portable gas grill is conveniently fueled as well: no need to gather firewood and keep flames at the right temperature for your meal. Just turn it on, and adjust the heat accordingly. It’s so much easier than cooking over a fire.

Easy to clean up

Sure, you could try to take a charcoal grill camping with you. But what do you do with the spent coals? You can’t leave them there in the forest. You could haul them to a garbage can, but you have to wait until they cool all the way down.

And they’re obviously a pain to bring home. With a portable gas grill, simply switch the grill off, let it cool a few minutes, and you’re ready to go.

Taking Portable Grills to the Limit

When portable grills are mentioned, most folks envision a little black flying-saucer type contraption sitting on someone’s deck or patio – a bag of charcoal, a stack of wood, or a tank of gas sitting nearby. But, there are other grills that are put to everyday use that don’t come immediately to mind.

Consider the George Foreman Grill

It’s one of the most popular indoor grills available. It’s easy to operate–plug it in and turn it on. It can offer a pretty good meal when used to cook a burger or a small steak. This type of grill is great for folks who are single, for those who have difficulty using, or getting to, an outdoor grill, or for those who just like the convenience of having a grill nearby.

But, it doesn’t quite imbue the food with the aroma and taste one gets when using grills fueled by wood or charcoal. So, what they do offer are convenience and speed, they give up in the dynamic favor of other grilling methods.

Weber Grill

Another choice is a Weber grill. It’s probably the best brand of portable gas grill available on today’s market. Weber grills are known for lasting a long time. And they can be purchased in a variety of sizes. Weber offers some small grills that are great for the college student in your family. And then, there are Weber grills that come in monster sizes–great for the party guy in your family.

Stainless steel is the best and most durable material for a portable grill. Stainless steel resists the weather as well as the usual stress of the wear and tear of cooking and heat. Of course, with stainless steel, rust and decay aren’t a concern, either. You should definitely consider stainless steel, especially if you’re thinking about purchasing a larger grill.

Coleman Grill

The Coleman grill is one of the more inexpensive brands of grill available. Coleman offers a variety of metal grills that are great for the folks who do weekend camping. These grills are good for small meals for a few days. They are adequate for most folks, but they don’t stand up well to constant use or the heavy wear and tear of regular grilling.

Sears Grills

Sears grills don’t come with a very high approval rating. Sears’ Kenmore brands seem to be overpriced and they don’t have the functionality of other brands. The money would be better spent on a Weber grill or its equivalent. That way you’re sure to get a grill that will stand up to heavy use and give you a good longevity return on your dollar.

When you do buy a grill make sure you have a camping table to put it on if you are taking it camping. It is so much easier grilling on a table versus on the dirt ground. The metal version is probably going to work the best so any heat from the grill will not damage or catch fire to your table.

Grilling is a lot of fun. It adds some adventure to cooking and can turn out some very tasty meals to boot. If you’re looking for a portable grill for indoor use, a George Foreman grill would be a good choice. If you’re looking for the king of portable grills, choose one of the many models Weber has to offer. Whatever your grilling needs may be, be safe, have fun, and enjoy a lot of great grill grub.

Enjoy Full Flavor with a Charcoal Grill

Summer is fast approaching, and with it, all of the activities that make summer such a wonderful season, and one that everyone looks forward to year round. Some of the activities that make summer months some of the greatest ones of the years include swimming, camping, and barbecues. Make your upcoming summer a memorable one by combining the latter two activities, with a charcoal grill.

A charcoal barbecue grill is intended to be used like any regular barbecue, to cook meat, vegetables, and all kinds of good food, over the heat of a grill on an open flame.

Also, like any barbecue, the charcoal grill is intended to be used out of doors, to allow the vapors and smoke that result from the open flame and burning charcoal to escape into the open air. It seems only logical then, that one of the best places to enjoy such a grill is on a camping trip.

Camping is one activity where almost everyone appreciates the full and juicy flavors of food cooked on an open fire. For those flavors without the risk and unpredictability of actually cooking over a campfire, consider investing in a portable charcoal grill for your next camping trip; it offers the same delicious flavors, is easy to set up, and provides the extra security of being contained within a sealable unit.

If all you have is a small grill, then you may consider buying a metal camping table to prop it up when you use it. Having the grill at waist level will make it much easier to cook.

Why charcoal as opposed to a portable gas grill?

Charcoal grill possesses a few distinct advantages over the other varieties of grill available on today’s market. One of the most notable differences in cooking with charcoal is the taste. Charcoal is essentially charred wood that, when lit and heated, is capable of holding an extremely high temperature for an extended period of time.

Along with the charred wood and the open flame comes a certain flavor, which seeps into the food on top of the grill, that simply cannot be achieved with a gas or electric grill.

Portable charcoal grills

Portable charcoal grills are also some of the most affordable options on the market. Take for instance the Weber charcoal grill. Weber produces a great number of grills and grill accessories, at a variety price ranges. The lowest priced Weber grill, however, also happens to be one of the most portable ones. It is called the Smokey Joe. The Smokey Joe is a charcoal burning grill that can be easily assembled, and that takes up a minimal amount of space.

Although selling prices for the Smokey Joe will vary somewhat from one retailer to another, on average it can be purchased new for around $30.00 USD, not including the price of charcoal; not bad for a great portable (and easily storable) grilling unit!

Even if you are not an avid camper, but love to grill outdoors during the warm months, you can still enjoy the unique flavor of food grilled over charcoal with one of the larger, more permanent charcoal grill setups that are manufactured by the Weber company.

Grilling with charcoal is a somewhat more involved process than gas or electric grilling, simply because you will need to light the charcoal and allow it to heat properly before beginning the grilling process. The final result is certainly worth the wait, however, and once you have experienced the flavor that results from charcoal grilling, you will never want to have anything else!

Guide to Gas Grills

Gas grills are an integral part of camping. They add on to the menu and make the day more adventurous for the campers. Several ace brands sell this product. Weber gas grills and Brinkmann gas grills are the leading ones. In this article, we shall guide you on how to select the right product.

Watch out for the size

You might come across quite large ones as well. But for camping, it is always better to have a small and handy product. At the same time, it must not be very small. You must check the number of campers and the amount of food that has to be barbequed at one go. The best way to make the choice is to check out the models online.

Select the natural gas grills

Most of the grills use propane gas. It is expensive and pollutes the environment. Further, it is quite risky while traveling. Natural gas costs you one-third of propane and it is eco-friendly. It is also a safer option while traveling. So you must prefer using natural gas grills over the propane ones.

Check the accessories

Some of the models now come with side grillers and other accessories. These additions can be very useful while cooking camping snacks. You can buy them along with the gas grill or you may buy them separately.

Watch out the prices

The gas grills are available at various prices. Before making your pick, you must check out the special offers online. If you are not buying the product from the company’s official website make sure that the vendor you are contacting is not fake.

The best way to check the authenticity of any given website is that it should have complete contact details, that is, phone number, address & the email id. You may also try calling up the given helpline numbers.

The fraudulent websites can misuse your financial details to any extent. It would be safest to buy the product from trusted e-commerce websites like eBay and Amazon.

Check the after sale guarantees

Carefully read the terms & conditions of the product stated on the website. The after sale terms are most important. Longer warranty and guarantee period is always better.

Observe the demo carefully

On the delivery of the product, the official gives a demo. You must watch it very closely and understand every bit of it. If you have any queries, feel free to ask them. Also, try to use the gas grill all by yourself once the official has left. If you have any problems, you ask for another demo session from the company. Also in order to ensure your safety, read the instructions manual very carefully and follow it quite rigidly.

Watch out for the rules of the place where you will use the grill

In some apartments, you are not allowed to use gas and/or charcoal grills. You must be sure that the investment you make does not become dead except for the camping weekends.

2 Options for Your Camping Gas Grill

When you are ready to start the camping plans do not forget to make room for the gas grill. Competing for a campground grill with the other ten campers around you can be a frustrating experience.

Having your own grill when you go on that remote fishing trip camping along the river to grill or smoke your fish when the day is done cannot get any better. Life is good, so begin to enjoy the perks of simple innovations that camping grills have gone through.

If you plan on using one of your camping cars the next time you go camping then it may be easier to haul around your grill with you. Some camping cars have an outrigger option that pulls out so you can put your grill on it and take it down very easily.

A Webber gas grill is the ultimate grill

Any grilling aficionado has used a Webber charcoal grill, the addition of gas start to these grills they have improved your light to food-cook time in half. Wood chips can add a different dimension to burgers, ribs, and fish.

Hungry campers can be anxious, edgy and exhausted after a hard day on the lake or hiking on the trails, so having the ability to get your grill going quickly is a great asset.

The Webber has some smaller models other than the traditional big black dome grill; there is the Webber Q and the Baby Q. These models are a little more portable and you can use a small butane canister to keep the fire burning.

Some other great camp grills are Brickman gas grills

Brickman is a name loved by sports fishermen everywhere since they were the first company to create a gas smoker and grill all in one. Smoked trout right out of the water is something everyone should have the chance in their lifetime to taste.

If you like to have food ready when you get back from your fishing day you can rub down a side of ribs with spices and put them on slow smoke so they will pick up the great smoky flavor and fantastic BBQ taste.

They also have a camping stove that actually looks like an electric piano, but it is not. It has dual controls so you can cook your veggies, meat or fish all at the same time.

Charcoal vs Gas

If you love the taste and smell of charcoal vs. all gas cooking, there are so many different kinds of charcoal for you to experiment with. Gaslighting for charcoal is the best of both worlds. Some hardwood charcoals give off maple flavors, cherry, apple, and other fruit wood flavors.

For something really special, coconut charcoal is the hottest thing on the market. They call it CocoNara and the flavors of coconut and wide-mouthed bass together is just incredible.

Hardwood charcoals have a longer burn time and the heat generated from hardwood is hotter, even temperature, and a little more healthy for you. Traditional charcoal is primarily sulfur; charred sawdust and a touch of limestone and can burn very quickly.

When you are at home and you don’t want to worry about keeping an lp tank full of liquid propane you can get a natural gas grill and hook it right up to your house gas line. This is rather easy to do and any handyman should be able to re-route your natural gas line to the porch where your grill is located.

Camping can be a culinary adventure as well as a much-needed vacation. Make plans to take the perfect grill on your trip. By getting the right gas grill, you can make your vacation cooking appear easy and effortless.

Dansons Little Guy Infrared Grill

Taking the family on the road doesn’t mean that you can no longer enjoy the benefits of a grill. Most times, when you go camping, you have to load up a bulky grill that is loaded down with charcoal, and then upon reloading, is loaded full of dust and ash.

These hassles can easily be avoided by picking up Dansons Little Guy Infrared Grill–the Portable Propane Gas Infrared Grill. This little grill, while being small, packs a mighty punch when it comes to searing up your steaks to the perfect temperature. When you’re finished, the propane can be shut off, and the grill cleaned, to be reloaded into your vehicle without any mess.

The grill comes in at 25″ x 19″ x 15 “, and weighs in at 25 pounds. The infrared burner helps bring you the temperature, and cooking performance of most high-end grills that you use in your garage, or on the back deck, but instead, in a much smaller, portable size.

You can adjust the cooking temperature, to completely sear a steak, up to 600 degrees. With temperatures that hot, your steaks, and other meat, is sure to be juicy, with a perfectly seared top and bottom.

When you are done enjoying your dinner, and your environment, you can easily begin cleanup by simply pulling out the removable grease pan, dumping it into an approved container, and wiping it down.

Clean off the grill surface and then fold the legs back underneath the unit. Once you’ve got it cleaned and folded up, you are ready to load it back into the vehicle and continue on with your trip.

Eating well on the go has never been easier, and now that you don’t have to deal with charcoal on your camping trips, you are doing yourself, your car, your clothes, and the environment a favor. This is the perfect infrared grill for the family on the go!

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