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What Are Different Types of Camping Chairs?

Camping chairs can be light or heavy, big or small, economic or luxury, portable, foldable, and many more. So how do you get the type of chairs that you need? What are the things for you to take into consideration when choosing a camping chair?

outdoor camping chair

Factors to Consider When Buying a Camping Chair

Even if camping trips are supposed to be grand outdoor adventures, you still want to make sure that you and your family are comfortable during the trip. One camping gear that can make your trip comfortable is the camping chair. Sure, roughing it out sounds like the right way to go about camping but if you’re traveling with your family and you’re spending practically a week out there in the wilderness, you have to make room for comfort in your little camping agenda.

Folding camping chairs can be used during meals at camp. They can also be used to lounge around at night around the camp during the day when your kids have gone off on their little adventures. The chairs can also be used when you just want to rest after a long day of hiking, biking, or swimming. You can also use them when fishing and bird watching.

There are many types of camping chairs available in the market. Coleman chairs are among the most popular brands for camping chairs in the market. When choosing a camping chair, make sure you purchase the type of chair that will fit your budget and meet your needs. Here are the factors you should consider when buying a Coleman folding camping chairs.

  • Material – Most of the camping chairs is using the material of either plastic, mesh, wood, or metal. You can choose the material you want for your chair according to the budget you set for this item.
  • Durability – inspect the materials and make sure that the materials and the construction of the chair are durable. When you buy camping gear, make sure you choose quality over quantity or cheap price. There is nothing foolish about spending good money on durable folding camping chairs you can use for many years. Choose a chair made of water-resistant fabric and a sturdy frame.
  • Weight – the weight of the chair is an important consideration because when you have to walk 10 miles to reach the camp, you don’t want to haul a heavy chair along with all your heavy gear.
  • Features – because of the stiff competition in the camping gear market, many manufacturers are packing on features on their products. Choose sturdy Coleman chairs with all the right features that you need. Will you need a built-in cooler where you can store a six-pack beer for relaxing outdoors? Wouldn’t it be superb if your chair had a cup holder too? If you intend on taking quick naps on your chair, you can buy one that has a rocker.
  • Price – cost is still a major consideration for buying any equipment. Just remember that when buying a chair, don’t choose a cheap chair without the features you want or need. You need to purchase folding camping chairs that will give you the best value for your money. You should always get the best quality product you can afford. Don’t settle for cheap products that fall apart easily. You may be spending less now but you will definitely end up spending more money in the long run. Aside from cheap products that are poorly made, don’t get sold on overpriced products that don’t really offer anything great. Expensive doesn’t equal durable.

When was the camping chair invented?

Before we discuss further, let’s rewind the time back to the ancient time and study a little of history about the camping chair. Do you ever ask when was the camping chair invented and who invented it?

The folding chairs were being found in the Nordic Bronze Age in Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome. They mostly made the frame of wood, The folding chair became widespread during the Middle Ages.

The Fenby or ‘Tripolina’ chair was designed in 1855 by Joseph Beverly Fenby, a British engineer and inventor, and was patented in 1877 in England. The J. B. Fenby Co. first manufactured the design, but did not last long and was bankrupt by late 1879.

Excerpt from American Camp Chair

In the United States, an early patent for a folding chair was by John Cham in 1855 In 1947, Fredric Arnold created the first aluminum folding chair with fabric strapping for the seat and back. By 1957, the Fredric Arnold Company of Brooklyn, New York, was manufacturing more than 14,000 chairs per day.

Excerpt from Wikipedia

The folding chair was an invention made by the human when they first sit on a rock just for comfort. The chair keeps on evolving until it becomes the shape we are familiar with today.

Different Kind of Chair

Double Camping Chair

If you are into camping or just like to enjoy the outdoors every now and then, a double camping chair can be very handy.

I’m actually not big on the whole camping thing, (scarred by childhood memories of school trips) but I do own a couple of camping seats and we use them regularly.

Single ones are great too but if you always venture out with a partner a double seat makes perfect sense. Take a look at the latest range of portable chair options for two.

2 Seater Camping Chairs

I first saw one of these 2 seater camping chairs at an outdoor concert I attended. The couple who owned it looked so comfortable that I decided to get myself one. The double style folds up almost as compact as a single chair and is much lighter than carrying two individual seats. I also love being able to snuggle up like you are on a sofa. Great invention.

Twin Camping Chairs with Console

For couples who prefer their own space the twin design with the center, a table is a great option. Both armchairs are attached by a center section which can be used as a table and/or console for holding food and beverages. Some models have consoles with insulated coolers to keep drinks colder for longer – perfect if you are attending a concert or watching a sports game from the sidelines.

Double Inflatable Seat Options

When I think of camping trips I don’t usually picture a couple sitting on a sofa gazing into the wilderness but that is definitely an option with these inflatable lounges. Most of these sofas convert into beds which would be an excellent option for campers. When you aren’t camping it can be used as an inexpensive portable sofa bed for unexpected guests.

Double Folding Chair for Kids

This outdoor set with the center table is sized just right for little kids and will ensure that you don’t have to share your seat with the kids. The best part is that it comes with its own UV umbrella for sun protection.

This whole set folds into a carry bag and would be ideal for camping, sporting events, the beach, or any outdoor activity that you can think of.

Each chair is designed to support up to 50 lbs in weight so it should suit ages up to 7 years. This is very cute and functional and I think it would make an ideal Christmas gift.

Multi-Seat Folding Chairs and Benches

How many times have you been caught short on seating either at home or away? I know it happens to me quite regularly especially when I am watching my children play the sport. Having one of these multi-seat folding chairs in my car would solve the problem in an instant. Just pick a size that you think you would get the most use out of and you will never be forced to stand up at the game again.

This double chair and umbrella combo are an oversized version for people who like to have a little bit more seating room. Each separate seat supports up to 300 lbs. The center table contains an insulated cooler and there is a drink holder on each of the outer armrests. It is also available in four different color options.

What is also great about this set is that it comes in a two-wheeled bag for easy transport. I think this set would be a great option for retirees or anyone who would appreciate not having to carry a double folding chair in their arms.

Wooden Folding Chairs

When it comes to relaxing in style and comfort, nothing comes close to how nice it is to laze the day away on comfortable wooden folding chairs. When comfort comes to mind, nothing beats the feel of a solid wood frame supporting your aching legs and back.

Now not all of us have the space to keep extra chairs out all the time so having portable folding chairs is a real blessing when comes time to set up or put away extra seating. These folding chairs are space-efficient, easily stored or transported, and highly durable with solid construction.

Take a look at this beautiful 4 Piece Winsome Natural Finish set (Available on These chairs are perfect for setting up on your patio, preparing a garden party, or even just adding some extra seating for an event in your home.

Whether you’re looking for loungers for your yard, or padded chairs for an indoor space, there are tons of options available for you to choose from! Any way you look at it, you can’t go wrong with a great set of wooden folding chairs.

Folding Deck Chairs

Nothing is quite as comfortable or relaxing as lazing away a warm, sunny afternoon on your front porch with a friend on a pair of comfortable, folding deck chairs. These versatile, compact, portable chairs are great for everything from setting up seating in outdoor space for a garden party or barbecue, to finding a more comfortable seat at a sporting event than the rock hard bleachers, to even camping out overnight for the late-night release of your favorite movie or gadget.

Made from tough, durable materials like solid plastic or resin, various hardwoods, or aluminum and canvas for the utmost in relaxation and comfort, you will find one that will perfectly suit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap way to prepare to seat for a garden party or picking out the perfect chair to bring to your next tailgate party like this stellar Coleman Deck Chair with Swivel Table (available on, exactly what you’re looking for is right here.

Camping Chairs for Kids

Camping chairs for kids give kids a safe and comfortable place to sit when you are camping and are great for other outdoor sports and events.


Camping is a lot of fun and a great way to create awesome childhood memories. You get to be in the outdoors, experience nature, and see neat things. The thing about the outdoors though is that you only have what you bring with you. Kids’ camping chairs are the perfect thing to pack with your camping supplies!

Get a chair that is made to be the right size for your little one. They can sit safely away from the campfire or lake and it’ll keep them out of the dirt and grass. We all know how messy kids can get when they’re outside!

When choosing for a camping chair for my kid, The criteria that come into my mind would be how comfortable it is for the kid to sit on? Is the chair easy to set up and unfold? Is the weight light enough for the kid to carry? Is it portable? Is it durable and can be used for many years?

There are different types of camping chairs for kids which are including animal designs, popular TV and movie characters, simple colors, and many more.

Kid’s Camping Chair With Canopy – Keep them safe from the sun and rain.

There are some kids’ camping chairs that come with a canopy, making it perfect for sun and weather protection. The sun protection is especially good for my fair-skinned children in getting their skin burnt.

Animal Kid’s Camping Chairs

Kids love cute animal chairs! There are adorable kids camping chairs available that you can have with all the different animals so your child can choose his favorite one. Which one will you choose? Do you want a dog, a cat, or even an octopus? That’s the hardest question to answer. Just let your child choose his/her favorite animal and sure he/she will like it very much.

Brightly Colored Kids’ Chairs for Camping

Kids also like bright colors – I know mine do! There are brightly colored kids camping chairs that you can find in the market which are great when you don’t want to accidentally lose them in the woods or at the game. And your child will know which one is his.

Character Kid’s Camping Chairs

Does your child have a favorite cartoon character? If so, you may want to get him or her one of the adorable character kids camping chairs. From Dora to Cars to Spiderman, to Disney Princesses, there’s something for everyone!

Advantages of Having Camping Chairs

So many things make outdoor activities relaxing and comfortable. Thanks to the development of different gadgets today. The gadgets available now are highly portable, making it easier for users to transport them and enjoy the device anywhere they want.

If you enjoy having a little adventure outdoors, you probably have the best economic camping chair. You will never realize how important it is on a trip unless you get to spend a tiring day in the wild. If you do not think that this device is not essential, think again. It has several advantages. Below are some of them:

You will have a more relaxing outdoor experience. You know how tiring outdoor activities can be. Everything is a challenge. Preparing the food is a chore. When you find a good place to set up the camp, you have to work on it first before you can actually rest. Having the patio chair will really help during these occasions. You can just unfold it and rest for a while.

You can use it at home. The great thing about this gear is that you can also use it at home. You can bring it out when having a barbecue with friends and you can use it as a spare seat. You can also set it up by the pool, catch some sun, relax, and enjoy your backyard view.

You can take it anywhere you want. Since this is highly portable, you can bring it anywhere. You can take the Coleman camping chair at the beach when bonding with friends. You can also take it to the park and sit while keeping an eye on the kids. You will surely want to have something that will provide you with comfort even if you are not home.

It does not need maintenance. This tool does not need a fancy maintenance routine. All you need is to keep it clean and store it properly. If you have the outdoor chair, expect it to be sturdy and durable. You will surely find it useful and reliable for a very long time.

Storage will not be a problem as well. You can fold or deflate most of these chairs. It does not take up so much room so it will be very easy for you to find a place to keep it. If you want to use it at home, you can easily find a place for it outdoors, probably near the grill so that you can use it when entertaining your friends.

Many great devices make outdoor adventures very comfortable. The best camping chair is one. It is a great tool to have when you want to spend some time in the wilderness. You can rest as soon as you get to the camp and relax. You will also find it useful at home or at any place you think of going. Use it at the beach or the ark. Another great thing about it is that it does not need expensive maintenance and it also folds and stores easily.

Folding Chairs vs. Non-Folding Chairs

The controversy is huge when you bring up the subject of the ages, which is better, a folding chair, or a non-folding chair?

foldable camping chair

The Debate

The argument has elapsed since the dawn of the folding chair. Suddenly there was no more need for stationary, non-folding chairs. This upswing in popularity leads to folding chairs in all shapes and sizes, colors, and combinations.

naturally, those still loyal to the non-folding chair, found this new model of the chair to be strange and unnatural. leading revolts around the world, the NFCM (non-folding chair movement) burned down factories and threw insults at lonely campers in their folding chairs.

All this turmoil leaves members with a neutral stance on chair preference with one question, just which chair is the better camping chair?

The Pros

It can certainly be argued that the folding chair is more practical when going on a camping trip. With its lightweight compatibility and its ability to compact into a car, it is certainly more popular in terms of camping chairs. leaders of the folding chair movement point out the enjoyment they feel when they are actually able to fit chairs for the whole family in the car. Hikers have also given consent to the fact that, if it weren’t for folding chairs, they would not have the ability to sit in comfort after a long day hike.

However, there is simple and straightforward prose to non-folding chairs. Thanks to a team of scientists and psychologists, we have conclusive evidence that supports the claims of the NFCM. The non-folding camping chair is indeed more comfortable based on a case study lead by the leading psychologists and statistical analysts of the age.

And the engineers of Engineering Magazine have also concluded, based on the schematics of the most popular non-folding chairs, that they are easier to construct and install than folding chairs.

The Cons

While folding chair activists argue that the chairs are easier to store, they do regret that they require one more step to install than the non-folding chairs. But they haven’t given up hope. Donations are starting to be collected in order to pay a team of engineers from the scientific community at CERN to develop an easier to install folding chair. In response to the claim they are less comfortable than non-folding chairs, the folding chair activists assert that the conclusions were bias and that their products are certainly more comfortable.

The non-folding chair members are relentless in their pleas. They insist that the new technological advances that lead to folding chairs will undoubtedly lead to a race of chair people who will overpower us with their handiness and collective ingenuity. “Don’t let your children suffer for your comfort!”, they cry to those that will listen.

Just one thing is certain, the chair debate has grown in popularity but the one question that must be asked is, “Which do you find to be better?”

Choosing a Chair Base On Your Own Preference

Not all camping chairs are alike. Some camping chairs, like other tools, are best used in certain environments and by certain types of people. And the price and quality are always different too. I hope to give you some good advice that will help you find a chair that best suits your lifestyle and camping ability.

If you are a splurge and enjoy the comfort of a higher-priced but extremely comfortable chair, you wouldn’t like a small stool. There are many camping chairs out there that actually are almost as good as regular dining or lounge chairs. There are some with footrests, or extra padding, some with cup holders, and some with speakers for your iPod!

If you prefer to be closer to nature and not separated by a big bulky chair, a smaller, more efficient chair may be right for you. If you are hiking around and don’t want to carry a massive chair that weighs a ton you would be better off with a small stool that can fold up and be stored away properly.

Obviously, the weight of the chair is going to affect your decision. if you are camping out of your car you may enjoy a more relaxing and larger chair. If you are hiking through the forest then a smaller, more compact chair that is easier to carry would be more appropriate. It is all about finding the chair that best suits your needs at the time.

Stick with respected brands from REI and other sporting goods stores. And yes, the more expensive brands will most likely be the best and most resilient.

Try out the different chairs in the store and attempt to find the one that fits you best. Remember to think about how far you have to carry it and how best to go about its condition. Remember to make sure that it is waterproof and not easily bent or broken.

A chair is one of the most important things to have while hiking or camping so remember to get a proper chair for yourself. The worst thing would be to have an un-relaxing vacation!

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