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The Dummies Guide to Luxury Camping

What is Luxury Camping?

Besides conventional way of camping, there is another camping option which is luxury camping. In case you never heard of it, luxury camping actually comes in an array of shapes and sizes.

It is not just the classic tent with a few luxuries like blown up chairs and portaloos thrown in. No, it is much more than that. In a luxury camping location, you may find yourself in any number of eclectic and unusual forms of luxury camping accommodation.

Luxury camping is not somewhere where you go and pitch a tent and have to bring the traditional camping equipment with you in tow.

luxury camping

Your accommodation will be ready and waiting for you on site.  Most of your regular camping needs are provided for. So there is no need for you to bring your tent, bedding, mattress, and etc.

You may find yourself in a Mongolian yurt furnished with traditional Mongolian furniture with rugs and hangings to give that cozy feeling and sleeping under the twinkling stars. Or perhaps you would prefer to stay in a traditional tipi.

Maybe you would like to be even closer to nature than that. You may find yourself actually inside nature, nestled amongst the trees in a tree house!

Or there is the range of retro camper vans growing in the luxury camping market. These retro vans are fitted out for luxury camping and have eclectic and retro decor.

There is also the “geodesic domes” sprouting up around the globe. From ski resorts to the desert to forests.

Then there is a range of creative new forms of accommodation such as “cloudhouses”, “podpads”, “ecopods” or “squrts”. Each is a different type of abode and all are catered for the luxury camper.

Or indeed, luxury camping does come in the traditional type of tent, but with a luxury twist. Often the pitched tents are in luxurious surroundings but also with luxurious structures. For example, you may be in a spectacular forest setting but in a massive tent erected upon a wooden platform with a luxurious bathroom and the usual amenities inside.

Many luxury camping locations also offer retreat type services such as bodywork therapies like massage, aromatherapy and other forms of healing therapies. Also, there may be mind-body activities on offer such as yoga and tai chi.

Sounds like the perfect way to take a break and unwind with nature – no traditional camping hassles and instead of being able to focus on relaxing and luxuriating in the natural surroundings.

Why Go Luxury Camping?

Maybe you’re wondering what’s all the fuss about with new “luxury camping” and this “glamping”? Maybe you just can’t quite wrap your head around all the craze surrounding this new trend. Let me try to explain.

Firstly luxury camping can be a lot gentler on the wallet than traditional holidays. Especially if you have a family. Traveling with a family can be incredibly expensive if staying in hotels or resorts. Whereas on a luxury camping trip it can be a lot easier on the wallet.

There are many different ranges in price for luxury camping so there is a lot to choose from and most people can find something to fit their budget.

With an increase in environmental awareness, there is a big revival in getting back to nature and returning to a more simple life. We all want a break from the hustle and bustle of city and suburban life, mobiles, computers. People want to reconnect with nature and enjoy the simple pleasures of staying amongst nature and wildlife, watching the stars or sitting around the campfire.

Thirdly, people want to try something new, something a bit different. People are tired of doing the same old type of city break or holiday or resort break.

Luxury camping offers a wide range of eclectic accommodation options for people to try something new. From the classical big luxury camping tents to living high up amongst the trees in a tree house, to getting a bit more ethnic in a Mongolian yurt or a Native American tepee or to the more modern geodesic domes and other circular domes like structures.

Often on luxury camping holidays, you can blend your holiday with interests and activities. Such as pampering yourself with massage, yoga or detox activities to learn crafts and skills such as bush crafts and bush cooking or for those with more energy, adventure sports. Some prefer to enjoy the simple pleasures of living amongst nature and relaxing at the beach, river, in a forest or whichever spectacular surrounding you wish to be in.

So why not try something new and check out luxury camping? You might be surprised to find out you quite like it and want to come back for more!

An Eclectic Range of Accommodation Options

There are many types of accommodation options for a luxury camping holiday. There is the traditional camping site that offers some of the luxuries such as a swimming pool, golf, and spa on site. However, in this context, luxury camping is referring to having your accommodation already prepared and ready for you on site.

Firstly you may find the traditional luxury camping tents, but with a twist. They will be erected in a fabulous setting and often on a wooden platform so you notice a real difference. For example, erected in spectacular forest settings and sometimes way above the ground amongst the trees. Inside the luxury camping tent will be all the necessities including beds and if you are lucky fabulous ones like a four-poster bed. Often the bathroom is even inside the tent complete with a bathtub!

Apart from the traditional luxury tent, there is a range of truly eclectic and creative forms of accommodation.

The Native American tepee has become an addition to the luxury camping range. Often there will be a fire inside the actual tepee and it will be made cozy with rugs and hangings.

The traditional yurts from Mongolia are becoming very popular. These are round structures that have a wooden lattice frame with a canvas cover. At night you can go to sleep underneath the twinkling stars as the top opens up. Often there are wooden fire stoves inside yurts for cooking and heating. Staying in a round abode is said to be a most special experience.

Following on with the theme of rounded structures are geodesic domes and podpads. Both of these are dome-like rounded structures that look particularly striking. Both of these often have an eco theme using power from solar sources for example. Geodesic domes can be found on the ski fields to desert regions.

Entering into the genre of luxury camping are even tree houses. Treehouses may again be rounded structures or not. They may be a little above the ground or suspended at quite a distance up. It is a spectacular experience to be up there amongst the trees looking outside your window and being surrounded by the trees. Be sure not to take a backpackers version of the tree house holiday however if you are wanting the luxury variety!

Then there is the return of the caravan. But not any old caravan. Caravans in the luxury camping genre tend to have a flavor. For example retro caravans which are fitted out with retro decor or gypsy caravans. These caravans can be found on site at particular luxury camping sites.

So there is quite a range and mix of accommodation to choose from. Some of these are very different from the typical form of abode you normally find on a holiday. Do your research well to create your perfect luxury camping holiday.

Luxury Camping and Your Wallet

One of the greatest things about luxury camping is your wallet. In current times of financial problems and recessions, we are all looking to spend in the best way possible and reduce costs.

Here is where luxury camping comes in.

You can still get away on a holiday and have your little piece of luxury without needing to rough it out like with traditional camping.

Luxury camping comes in all shapes and sizes and to match this comes in all budget ranges.

Starting at the low end you can find yurt and tepee accommodation from $80 per night for 2 people.

Moving up in the price scale you may want to hire a vintage camper van for a week. This starts from around $580 per week for hire.

In higher price ranges you can find more upscale yurts and luxury tents in the $100-$200 price range per night. The great thing is that a yurt may fit an entire family and luxury tents often fit 4 people which work out well price wise for those with families.

Also if you take a week rental, often this works out to be significantly cheaper than taking a 2-3 day break, which is something else to consider.

Luxury camping sites come in a range of different services and facilities. Obviously, if you pay more, you will get more.

Some luxury camping sites are more like resort spas with an amazing array of luxury camping tents situated on a river or in a rain forest in a resort type setting. Prices move significantly upwards once you’ve hit this type of luxury camping bracket.

So there really is something for everyone in luxury camping which caters to a wide range of budget options.

Luxury Camping Resorts in Europe

Wanting to find luxury camping resorts in Europe? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ll look at some of the best luxury camping resorts in Europe.

Luxury camping is becoming popular all over the world, especially in Europe. People are becoming more and more enticed with this type of camping because of your ability to enjoy your break without the discomforts that come with the traditional form of camping.

Also, luxury camping can be a great way to spend less on accommodation costs than you might with traditional holidays with expensive resorts and hotels.

Locations in Europe you might want to check out are…

1. Pleasant Valley Yurt, Central Portugal

This location offers a yurt for accommodation in a very relaxing location with shady trees and 10 acres of woodland for you to explore. The yurt has solar powered fairy lights, (can you believe?) for you and your children to enjoy. In addition, it has a pool for you to take a dip, relax and have fun. You can also enjoy a warm hot shower and their breakfast in bed service. If you have a favorite TV show you don’t want to miss, the yurt comes with its own flat screen TV with DVD player and a satellite antenna!

2. La Grande Oust, Brittany

This eco-friendly place has canvas lodges good for 4 people. Here you can stay and enjoy nature’s bounty. You get to enjoy the view of huge trees like oaks, elms, and a lot more from the veranda. The chirping of the birds adds up to the relaxing feel of the resort.

3. Cloud House Farm, Andalucia

This location offers a stylish and beautiful Mongolian yurt where you get to absorb the beautiful mountains in Andalucia. You can even enjoy hiking in this secluded area designed for adventurous people. If you simply want to relax, the yurt is perfectly located in the forest where you can be one with nature.

Glamz in Genting Highland, Malaysia

Glamz brings a special accommodation experience to the travelers with their crystal ball tent! The semi-circular and transparent luxury tent is designed to be looked like a giant transparent crystal ball. When you are inside the tent, you will feel it is so fascinating as you are staying in a dream. The scene is so amazing for day and night.
There are 3 different levels of tents you can have in Glamz At Genting. They are:

1. Dome Room

The accommodation fee for one night is between RM350 and RM450 ($90 – $120), there are 8 tents available.

2. VIP Dome

The accommodation fee for one night is between RM788 to RM988 ($190 – $250), only 1 tent available.

3. Bell Tent

The accommodation fee for one night is between RM250 to RM350($60 – $85), there are 11 tents available.

Each tent can accommodate 2 persons. The accommodation fee includes breakfast for 2 persons. If you want extra beds, you will need to pay for an additional fee. Each tent has a private entrance and is connected to the shower and toilet.

Basically, you no need to bring anything when you check in yourself into this luxury glamping tent. There are towels, hangers, personal storage baskets, trash cans, mirrors, power outlets, interior lights, fans, hammocks, floor bean bags, and more. All the things that you need are available inside the tent.

The bell tent is designed like a triangular tent for traditional camping. It can accommodate up to three persons.

The roof is semi-circular and each room can accommodate up to four people. The transparent roof of the dome makes the room to be a natural observatory. You can embrace nature no matter day or night.

You can fall asleep under the stars and wake up in the clouds. If you are staying in the Superior Dome Room, you can even enjoy the private jacuzzi, which will surely make you feel utmost comfortable.

Glamz not only allows travelers to enjoy the luxury camping experience, but they also provide wedding venue planning services. They delicate in arranging a dream wedding venue, where weddings are sure to be romantic!

In general, Glamz is specially designed for tourists who lack the knowledge of camping and do not know how to equip their gear but still want to experience the nature, breathe fresh air and enjoy watching the stars at the night.

This kind of new outdoor experience method perfectly solves the problem of outdoor travel and accommodation. It did not just let you experience the fun of camping in the wild, but also enjoys high-quality accommodation at the same time.

These are only a few of the luxury camping resorts you’ll find where you can spend quality time with your loved ones. If you have holiday’s in other luxury camping resorts, do let us know what your experience was!

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