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Make Cooking and Eating Outdoors Easier With Camping Tables

Cooking outdoors can be tough for the chef who wants to prepare a nice meal on camp-outs and picnics! While grills have come a long way to give them the best cooking power possible, not having the right tools to go with it can still make preparation a challenge.

outdoor camping table

Camping tables are not only perfect for eating meals at, but this surface can also help make getting the meal ready even easier. While some parks and campgrounds may have camping cooking tables in place, they are usually far from clean making them unsanitary to use making it better to have your own.

Camping Cooking Table, an Excellent Asset for Camping

Why in the world would a family want another table to bring along when they go camping? Are there not enough necessities to bring camping without something as seemingly unimportant as a cooking table? Let me share with you a few reasons why one of these is important to have on your camping trip.

When people go camping, one of the first things that leave their mind is sanitation. However, it is just as important, if not more so, camping than it is at home. Why? Most people live in places where the water is safe to drink. The perishable food is properly stored because there is a refrigerator in the house. And hand washing is simple because there are hot running water and soap.

Keep you healthy

The camping table helps keep you healthy while you are camping because it has two separate surfaces. One for food preparation, and another for cooking.

Chefs can relate to anyone the importance of keeping raw and cooked foods separately. The cooking table will aid you in being safe as you cook. Even though you do not have the convenience of a large kitchen as you do at home.

While it is large enough for food preparation, its size is small enough to fit in the trunk of a car, if need it to be. An extra shelf below the cooking area allows storage space for utensils. Especially when you will camp in one place for an extended period of time.

Food won’t be crashing down

The strong frame of the table ensures that your food will not come crashing down on you as you are preparing your family’s favorite meal to eat at camp.

The aluminum assures you that the table will not corrode anytime soon. Even if you will need to carry it quite a distance, or even just from the car to the camp cooking site, the handles on the table make that job easy for you. In addition, the entire table weighs only twenty-two pounds and will not weigh your car down unnecessarily.

In addition, a folding table allows you to prepare and cook food while you stand, instead of having to sit uncomfortably on the ground while you cook.

One of these tables came in handy when I went to a park for a picnic with my family and friends. However, we did not know that the picnic grounds did not have a grill. When we arrived, we were surprised, of course. However, because we had a cooking table, we can still able to prepare our meal and eat joyfully.

Since we had arrived at the park early, we could still get all the cooking started with our stove and our own clean camping cooking table. We had shish kabobs, corn-on-the-cob, pasta salad, and jello for dessert.

Our friends said that they had not eaten such good food in a long time! We are glad that we had our own outdoor cooking camp table!

Folding Camping Tables

For some people, they may have a question about what kinds of camping furniture should they have when they want to go camping with their family?

For me, I want to go on a camping gear trip with my family and I want it to be an enjoyable, memorable trip that they will remember for years to come. We have hardly ever gone on vacation because of finances. And this year we don’t have a huge budget to go on so we decided that a camping trip would be more economical for us.

As your representative, I will show you what camping furniture that will be important and something that you won’t want to leave out. Also, there are some other options for your pleasure and if your budget allows.

Besides a good tent, you will need a camping table and camping chairs. You can choose from a variety of camping tables such as the aluminum camping folding tables, plastic folding tables, or camping picnic tables which normally come with their own benches. You don’t want to trust that there will be one where you want to go camping.

Lightweight is the key

A folding camping table is a lightweight table which folds flat. This makes it easy to transport and store.

If you want to know what the top item on my list is for never leaving home without when camping, it is a folding camping table. It really improves the camping experience especially if it comes with a parasol hole so you can use a parasol if the sun is too hot.

portable camping table

I have never been a fan of “sitting on the grass” style picnics. I always wound up with dirt on my clothes, ants crawling on my hands, and food spilling if the grass hasn’t been cut in a while. The folding camping table eliminates any messes and anxieties you may have about having a picnic while camping. There are so many other uses for it too that you will come to depend on this table during your camping trip.

Worry Free

The first use of the folding camping table is obviously for eating. Your friends or family will not have to worry about unwanted insects, spilled food, or soiled clothes. Instead, you can enjoy swapping stories or planning the day while you eat in peace. You will have the benefit of picnicking outside in comfort with one of these tables.

You may even find that it is a handy rest area while you prepare the meal and you may need to purchase more than one for convenience. Extra tables come in handy for many uses during a camping trip. You may find that you need one for preparing the food on, stacking things onto while you’re packing and so on.

Besides eating, the folding camping table has so many other uses. You will find it to be functional for a game of cards during the evening and the children can also use it for playing games on. Since these tables are available in many sizes and shapes, you will easily be able to find one to suit your needs.

Table with adjustable legs

Some tables have adjustable legs so you can vary the height of the table depending on what you are planning to use it for. The designs may vary and they fold down to compact sizes so that they will be easy to pack away in the boot of a car and take with you. There are a few designs that come with the seats attached to the table and these fold down compactly into a case after use.

Since times have changed and it may no longer be as thrilling to rough it in the woods as it used to be. A folding camping table is recommended to increase your enjoyment during a trip. Its many uses and functions will compensate for any extra expense you may have to invest in purchasing one of these tables.

The amount of time you spend worrying if something will happen is transformed into memories of a wonderful camping trip with your family or friends as you share stories and conversations sat around your camping table.

Not only use for camping

This type of table needn’t be limited simply to camping. You will find plenty of uses for it in the home too and out in your garden especially during the barbecue season. You can even use a larger one at a garage sale or car boot sale.

I carry mine, using its built-in handle, and place it alongside a chair in the garden and use it for resting a book or mug of tea or coffee. I have never regretted making this purchase.

Make Your Wife Happy

If you want to make your wife feel content in preparing the meals and doing all the kitchen duties with more pleasure, you can buy her a portable kitchen cooking folding table. That way she can have a place to store her food, hang her utensils and a place to prepare the food. This is especially necessary if you have a tabletop camping stove or road trip grill.

She will be happy and a pleasure to be around as she prepares her food on her kitchen table and with great care prepares your meal. So it is prepared correctly the way you like it since she has where to do so. And for her, the camping trip won’t be so much of a drag for her because she feels like she is in her own kitchen.

Folding Picnic Table

The other day I went to the park for Labor Day. In the morning my wife prepared a delicious potato salad, the best-baked beans on the planet and we had some nice steaks, hot dogs and hamburgers that were just ready to grill to perfection.

We bought some buns, chips, ice, and beverages with the grill put in the car the kids were jumping up and down thrilled at the thought of a nice day that we were going to spend at the park. When we finally made it, we saw that every camping table was full. There were absolutely no camping tables to put all of the food while we prepared the meats.

We had to eat our food on the ground along with all of the ants. The rest of the day was dedicated to fighting off the ants and scratching. I learned my lesson, that when we got home I was going to immediately go out and buy folding picnic tables and chairs so that this would never happen again!

Here are some options that I was shown when looking for a camping table.

There were camping tables made for two, four or more. The camping tables were made of aluminum which is lightweight and durable.

Some folding camping table comes with stools or benches which are made to be versatile. The table of two can fold up and store the two stools. The 4 person camping table comes either normal aluminum or they come with padded benches which are used as a case for storing the table.

This way it is easy to put in the car and take it out for set up. I really liked the 4 person camping table with the padded benches. This is because the table looked comfortable for a change in the way that you think of camping tables.

Aluminum Folding Tables

The aluminum camping folding tables are great because they are easy to clean. Besides, aluminum can lasts for a long time. Wth a little warm water and soap, it is easily cleaned and ready for the next outing. So our family will never be out of luck on the next day at the park.

You might want to buy more aluminum camping chairs for guests that come along. It was easy for me to select my camping table because the cushioned benches were what made the choice for me and it was affordable.

Since the camping table was so affordable I was able to splurge and buy a camping kitchen for my wife so maybe I will convince her to go camping gear which she hates. It should be easier for her to agree because she doesn’t only have a good folding camping table and benches but she also has her camping kitchen to be able to better prepare the food so that she can feel like she’s at home, but outside.

On our next day at the park, we are planning on inviting our extended family so we went ahead and bought another folding camping table and chairs for the other family members to enjoy the day with us.

With the perfect Coleman coolers which we previously bought we are ready for the next family day at the park.

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Adjustable Height Folding Table For Any Occasion

If you are looking for a folding table that will last for many years as your child or children grow older and taller, then an adjustable height folding table may be just the thing you are looking for.

While normal folding tables simply fold up and then fold out and are a standard height, adjustable height folding tables allow you to put the table either lower down or higher up, depending on the occasion and who is using it.

They are quite convenient if you have children as children grow and then the table can be made higher, although it is by no means only for families with children that use adjustable tables. There are conference tables and office tables that are made to be height adjustable as well.

Do Your Own Due Diligence

You will probably want to double check, before buying an adjustable height folding table, that it goes down to the size you need it to and up to the size you need it too. Some are made more for adults and some are specifically made with preschoolers and younger children in mind; these will go down lower than the office and conference folding tables with adjustable height.

Adjustable tables made from aluminum are sturdy and will withstand pretty much anything. If you were looking for a folding table to take with you for camping, then this would likely be a good choice as it can stand the wear and tear of travel and rugged conditions.

However, they do not look all that aesthetic sitting on the lawn or patio. Since the table can fold and is also adjustable it is a great option for car camping. Having a folding table with adjustable height while camping is such a great convenience.

If you are looking for something for your child or children, then there are some nice colorful ones with the top made from either plastic or polyethylene, which are specifically made for younger children. They are easy to clean and they are easy to move around as well, and they are also quite cute!

If you are looking for something a bit more classy looking, something that would look good in the living room or dining room then getting one with a melamine top is a good idea.

They look quite nice, as do the ones made from plywood if you favor the wood look. There are also smaller round cafe tables that featured adjustable height. They look good on the patio or porch of the house and can be convenient if you are having an outdoor party with families and children.

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