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How to Choose the Best Camping Sites?

When you arrive at the campsite, what are the things to look for when choosing the best spot to set up your tents, cooking area, and space for a campfire? Choosing the right campsite will definitely make life a lot easier and enjoyable when you are camping out.

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1. Arrive early

Seasoned campers always arrive at their campsite early, to be ahead of others as well as to have many choices to pick the ideal campsite spot. In addition, setting up the tent is a lot easier during the daytime than trying to set one up in the dark using torchlight. Start the trip early to ensure you have plenty of time to relax and enjoy nature.

2. Choose a flat spot

Of all the complaints campers made, sleeping on the uneven ground is one of the worst things to experience. To ensure you get a good night’s sleep when camping, always choose a level spot to lay your sleeping/air mattress. If you sleep with your feet above your head, you are likely to end up with a headache the next morning.

The second important reason for choosing a nice level spot is to prevent rainwater from flooding your tent should weather takes a turn for the worst. To avoid flooded tent, always stay away from hillside/slope even though the spot may offer the best view.

3. The spot is comfortably big

The spot you choose should be big enough to fit all the chairs, kitchen table, camping stove..etc that you brought along and space to set up a campfire that is sufficiently far away from your tent to avoid catching fire.

4. Out of the wind

Keep in mind that wind can ruin a camping trip as it can blow garbage everywhere, blow hot amber from the campfire around or in a worst-case scenario, damage the tent. When deciding on a camp spot, it is also important to go for one that is out of the wind as much as possible.

The obvious option is to be closer to the trees as it can block the wind as well as providing cool shades during hot summer days. If trees are not available, the next best alternative is to pick a spot away from open areas or ridge tops.

Position the tent door 90 degrees opposite the prevailing wind in order to prevent the wind from filling the tent and blow it down.

Tip: If possible, un-pitch the tent to prevent damage from wind.

5. Close to the water source

Another good criteria to remember is to choose a spot that is as close to the water source as possible to avoid having to carry water over long distances multiple times.

6. Sun’s Warmth

For campsites in the northern hemisphere, except for the wind factor mentioned above, it is always a good idea to position your tent to face south to allow the maximum amount of sunlight to reach your campsite and warm you up in the morning. You also get to enjoy watching the sunrise in the morning.

Great Locations That You Can Consider

If you are interested in having a camping adventure, you can be assured that you are definitely not alone. There are a large number of individuals, families, and couples all around the world who love going camping.

One of the many reasons for that is because camping doesn’t just an outdoor activity, they also involve socializing with friends or family, as well as playing outdoor games and sports. With that said, you will want to find out about great camping locations.

Camp at a Park

One of the great camping locations is at a park. When it comes to parks, you will find that you have a number of different options. No matter where you live, you should have access to a number of nearby parks, parks that may include public parks, campground parks, or state parks.

Most parks have areas that are great locations for camping. These areas often include shade from trees, picnic tables, and nearby fun activities, like a pool or body of water for swimming or fishing.

Camp near Body of Water

Speaking of a body of water, you may also want to think about having your next camping near a body of water, such as a lake. As previously stated, it is possible to find public parks that are located near lakes; however, you may also be able to find public land that is ideal for camping.

These areas may not necessarily have playgrounds for children or public restrooms, but they may provide you with a little bit seclusion, as well as an absolutely beautiful view.

Camp at Secluded Location

Speaking of seclusion, if you are looking to have your camping double as a romantic date, you may be looking for privacy. One of the many ways that you can find privacy is in a wooded area. This is best if you are already visiting a state park, public park, or campground park.

You can also use wooden areas around your home, namely ones that you may be familiar with. As nice as having camping on a blanket in the forest may sound, it is important that you use your best judgment when taking this approach.

Camp at Backcountry Places

It is a great experience for you to find a campsite that is situated at backcountry which is not near to the road. You can have good stamina training by walking on your own foot for a few hours to reach the campsite and the experience can be really amazing.

You can learn and view the environment around you. Don’t forget to carry just enough gear for safety purposes and also for comfortable camping at your selected campsite.

Camp Behind Your Backyard

As great as it is to go camping in a beautiful location, a secluded location, or one that gives you access to a number of other fun outdoor activities, like swimming or boating, you may be looking to stay a little bit closer to home. If that is the case, you can have your camping right in your own backyard!

This is ideal if you are looking to have camped with your family, namely small children. Doing a few practices, camping at home may help to prepare your young children for the real thing later on.

Camp Inside Your Home

Serious? You may wonder! Although this may seem not as captivating as camping outdoor like the backcountry places, you can also be having camping inside your house. This is best if you had small camping planned, but the weather took a turn for the worse and you are unable to have your outdoor camping.

Laying a blanket down in a family room may provide you with enough space to have the camping of your dreams, just indoors. This is particularly ideal if your camping was intended to be a romantic date for you and your partner.

The above mentioned locations are just a few of the many places that you may be able to hold camping. When deciding where you would like your next camping to occur, it is important that you place a focus on the size of your camping, like how many people you plan to go with. Doing so will enable you to choose a location that will allow you and all of your guests to have a great time.

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Good Camping Location

If you are looking for a good campsite for you to camp, the job of searching becomes very easy with the availability of a lot of websites and apps out there in the market. You can find and book a campsite effortlessly by simply do some searching online. Here are 5 websites with their available apps that I would love to share with all of you.

1. Reserve America

This is one of the largest online campsite systems that are available online. You can use it to find your camping spot and make a campsite reservation through the site. You will know what the fees the particular campsite charges you upfront so you won’t get any surprise charges afterward.

Website: Reserve America

You can also download the app at Android and IOS.

2. Free Camp Site

This website outlines all the free camping areas throughout the United States and Canada. They can provide you with accurate information on different campgrounds and useful advice on the specific area.

Website: FreeCampSite

You can download the app at Android and IOS.

3. Ultimate Campgrounds

This site they have an extensive collection of campgrounds for the United States and Canada. They also have an app for Android and IOS. One of the features that people like about the app is it provides the option for the user to enter an area and all the campgrounds near you will be displayed.

Website: Ultimate Campgrounds

You can download the app at Android and IOS.

4. Hip Camp

More and more people are referring to it as Airbnb of camping. If you wish to hold an outdoor outdoors or planning to go camping with a large group of people, then this site can be a very good resource.

Website: Hip Camp

5. Upcamp

They can help you to book the camping dates you want at the best campgrounds in the United States. They can inform you very quickly if there is a canceled reservation that happened for the campground that you wish to camp.

Website: Upcamp

You can download the app at IOS.

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