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The Do’s and Don’ts When You Go Camping

do and don't camping

Do Remember to Bring All the Necessary Camping Gear

The day before you going camping, it is important for you to check and make sure you bring all the necessary camping gear with you. Otherwise, when you reach the campsite and only find out something you forget to bring, it will become troublesome. Like when you want to build the camp, only found out you didn’t bring the rubber hammer, you will need to nail the hook with your hand.

In order for you to remember everything, it is best for you to come out with a camping checklist. By referring to the checklist, you will be able to make sure that all the equipment and gear you need are being packed.

You need to set the GPS on your Google map for the camping location so that you won’t go to the wrong route. Also, it is critical for you to check the weather forecast to know the weather condition of the campsite. By doing so, you can bring the necessary items with you to cover from different weather conditions.

To help yourself out, you can download the checklist from this link.

Do Inform Someone Before You Go Camping

You need to let someone close to you like your family, friends or colleagues know that you are going camping. You need to let them know the dates and the camping location.

In case there is an emergency happen, they will be able to get in touch with you.

If there is something emergency happens in your work, your boss or colleague can still able to contact you and solve the thing out.

You need to let them know the location is because some of the campgrounds are not having the phone and internet coverage. So, nobody can contact you through phone or internet. If they know your location, they can go to find you in case of an emergency.

Do Be Co-Operative

Even you are a person who doesn’t like to mix with other people, but when going camping, it is a good practice for you to be a cooperative person.

Camping sometimes required teamwork. Everyone needs to contribute something to ensure the camping progress is running smoothly and everyone is having fun.

Sometime when there are too many people, there will be a lot of different opinions and suggestions. There will be a time that some of the suggestions you are not agreed with. But you need to try to be patient and cooperative by not adding any personal emotion into it.

For example, someone may suggest makes steamboat for dinner. And each family need to contribute something to the dinner. You may not agree with that suggestion since you are not a fan of a steamboat, also you prefer to eat alone with your own favorite food. But since you are going with the team, you just need to be tolerated a bit.

Do Offer Help to People Who Need Help

When you seeing someone in the campsite who needs help, try not to be selfish by offering your help to them. They will be appreciated for your kind gesture.

If you see someone is not feeling well, vomiting, or having a headache, try to help them out. You can give an Aspirin or Panadol to him/her, or you can help to hold him/her to sit down or lie down in the tent.

There was one time when I was camp at a campground, I saw a guy who camps with us has fainted. Since I ever study the Chinese massage (YSD), I immediately rub the back of his body. After a few minutes, he was awake. I then give a cup of hot water for him to swallow and warm his body. He recovered very soon and I just felt so good for able to help out people in this way.

Do Go and Do Some Exercises

When at the campground, you should embrace yourself into nature. You can enjoy playing all the sports that you can have there. Be it jogging, hiking, swimming, or biking, just take part in it and enjoy yourself.

You can also do Yoga, Tabata, or workout at the campsite beside your tent.

It is really good to get yourself sweating. You will have good exercise, your mental and physical will become very fit.

This is not only good for your health, but it can also be a joyful moment as well when you are doing your workout with other people.

Do Prepare and Store Your Food Properly

You need to bring some good quality container with you. All your foods should store properly inside the container and will not be open easily.

There are wild animals like the monkey is the naughtiest one. They can just open up your food and sabotage all of them. Any food that you put on the table may get rid of monkeys very soon.

Therefore, you need to keep an eye on the food, don’t give the monkey a chance to get close to them.

Other animals that you need to aware of are squirrel or rat. They can also sneak in to eat the food. The teeth of rats are very sharp. Thus, don’t just put your food inside a plastic bag. It will not be safe. You need to use a plastic or stainless steel container to store all your foods.

Do Try to Learn the Skill of Cooking

As I noticed, many campers are actually don’t have the cooking skills. The best dish they can cook is usually cooking an egg.

For those who don’t know how to cook, camping is a good time for them to learn up the skill.

There are a lot of benefits one can get by knowing cooking. If you know how to cook, you no need to wait for the food to be served by others. And sometime you may just get the food that you don’t like.

You can prepare the meal that you like to eat and you no need to eat cup noodle or canned food.

The dishes that you have will be tastier. You can even cook and share with other campers. They will have a chance to enjoy the food that you cook for them. Such sharing will make you happy and you will get a lot of satisfaction.

Do Share Your Gear with Others

Most of the time people tend to forget to bring something that they need during camping. When you happened to see someone is in need of some gear that you have, you can just borrow to them.

The major issues for most campers are they tend to run out of battery for their smartphone, laptop, and iPad. If you have a solar generator, then you may become the savior to them.

You can just be kind and allow them to come over to your tent and use your solar generator. They will be thankful to you and you will make a lot of friends by simply doing this.

You may receive good karma for yourself. People will also appreciate your help. They may share their stuff with you as well, like give you their favorite food or give you a cup of gourmet coffee.

Don’t Go Camping with Complainers

You should avoid going camping with people who like to complain about. There are people who seem like making complaining to be a mode and habit for them in their daily life.

If you go camping with these types of people, they will keep on nagging at you and you will get very frustrated. You won’t enjoy your camping trip at all. They will complain about the weather, the tent, the food, the sleeping bag, the people in the campground. This is going to ruin your camping mood completely.

If unfortunately there is such a person in your camp, you need to try to keep a distance with them by all mean. Try not to get intimate with them or else you will become a victim. You better join with those people with positive thinking, where you can accumulate more positive energy that will not let you down. You will stay pleasant by gather with positive thinking people.

Don’t be a Busy Body

If you don’t like to go camping with people who like to complain, you yourself also don’t become a busybody.

Remember, nobody like a person who is a busybody and meddling into their issue with no manner.

There were a few times I met such busybody type of people. They like to offend people by saying something like:

“What you cook for tonight’s dinner? Are you really good at cooking? If not, I think you better don’t cook. “

“Oh dear! This food is not healthy; it can intoxicate your body. “

“Today weather is cold, you dress too little. You need to wear more clothes. “

“You have acne on your face, you should drink more water. “

“You bring so many snacks, you are a big spender. “

“You are too thin, you need to eat more. “

Well, all these are none of your business. You just need to mind your own.

Don’t Restrict Your Kid Too Much

I noticed there are many parents like to restrict their children to do this and that in the campsite. The words that I heard the most are:

“Don’t do this! Don’t go there! Don’t eat this!”, all the “don’t don’t” thing.


“How many time I have told you……”

Well, camping is a good outdoor activity for kids. It is a good opportunity for them to learn the new skill and have fun. Thus, it is best for the parents just let go of their kids when going camping. As long as you keep your kids in a safe area, you can let them do whatever they want.

Don’t think kids are yours, and you can have full control over them. This is just wrong. You will restrict them from growing up.

Don’t Occupy a Big Area of Campground

Do you ever experience when you reach a campsite, even though there are not many tents being set up yet, but when you want to place your tent at a certain area, there are people come to inform you that the area has been occupied?

Or you may find there are only 2 or 3 persons with a small tent, but they want to occupy a big area. They just not allow other people to camp near the area that they occupied.

This can be quite frustrating, we shouldn’t do like this. The campsite should be on a first come first serve basis. Who comes to the site first will have the priority to choose the area that they want to set up their tent. The area that you occupied should be of a reasonable area and not the entire zone.

Don’t Make Noise During Night Time

When it is late at night, most of the people will want to have a good sleep. If you are camping in a campsite with a lot of people adjacent to your tent, then you shouldn’t talk so loud. This will disturb other people sleeping.

I ever experienced once when camping in the forest, there is a group of youngsters camp near our area. The time was already 12 am when most of the people are start sleeping. They brought a big speaker and playing techno music. They turn the volume so loud and they also singing very loud. This has disturbed all the people at the campsite.

Luckily the management people came over and warn them only they stop the music. But this still won’t stop them from singing and get high. It is just quite a torturing camping experience for me.

Don’t Simply Throw the Rubbish

When we are at the campsite, it is our responsibility to keep the area clean. Thus, for all the trash and food leftovers, we need to pack and manage properly.

When washing your dishes, you should use the bio-degradable soap. Bring a bucket of wastewater and use a fine mesh to screen out small food particles.

For all the waste, you need to pack them and throw at the designated dumpsite. Never throw them back into the water.

Before you leave, you need to ensure the campfire that you lit at your campsite is completely out and cold.

After camping, don’t just pack your own belongings and leave all the rubbish on the spot. This is just not good behavior for a camper to do so. You should do proper cleaning by not leaving any rubbish on the campsite.

Don’t Keep Busy With Your Smartphone

This is the common thing that most people do when going camping. They just can’t separate themselves from their phone even for a second.

Even though it is okay for you to bring your smartphone to go camping with you, but you need to let your smartphone rest as well. You are coming to witness the natural environment, not to stick your eyes to the phone screen.

There are a lot of activities you can do while camping. Thus, you can just shut your phone off. Embrace yourself into the environment and having fun with your family and friends. Talking and play some cool games with them and you can really relax as well without the need to watch your smartphone.

Don’t Try to Have Sex in Your Tent

For a couple who are deeply in love when going camping, they may not be able to control their sexual desire and making love inside a tent or in the wild area.

This is just not okay if there are other campers who built their camp near to you. How if you reach climaxing and have orgasms during intercourse? The sound of your moans may disturb all the people. This can be quite embarrassing. You may get ashamed and people will treat you like an alien when they see you again afterward.

How if little kids spotted you and your lover having sex in the open wild area? This will give them a very bad impression and the impression will stay in their brain for many years.

So it is best for you to control your sexual desire just for few days. If really cannot, then just pack your stuff and leave the campsite earlier. You can then free to make love.

Don’t Get Drunk

It is okay for you to grab a can of beer or a bottle of wine to drink during camping. But it is very important that you don’t get drunk.

You may do some silly things when you get drunk and hangover. There are a lot of quarrels and fighting happening around us which are resulting from getting drunk. Once you get drunk, you will lose your mind and you dare to do anything you dare not to do when you are sane.

You may even wake up and found that you have lost your friendship with your best friend because of something that you did when you get drunk.

How if your kids witness you getting drunk? This will have an impact on them and they will become less respect you as their parents. So, you need to control drinking when you go camping.

Don’t Take Drug or Marijuana

Some youngsters love to try out the new thing when they go camping. Some will even bring drugs and marijuana to the campsite.

Some campers are taking drugs with them when going to outdoor activities. They treat drug as an energetic edible that can help them along through a long hour of backpacking.

Some may think that drugs are a great way to make them relax and can help to fix their problems in life. They can have a really good time by taking the drug.

But drugs are illegal stuff that nobody should have. If someone in the campsite reported this to the police, you will get arrested and you may end up going to jail.

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