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Don’t Bring Your Kids To Go Camping!!

You may wonder why? Because every time you bring your kid to go camping, hiking, or crossing in various landscapes, you will find your kids are more and more to fall in love with nature. They are going to integrate themselves with the natural scenery and will ask you to bring them outdoor frequently!

Once you start going camping, you will find that you no longer need to go traveling and have yourself stuck in the crowded popular tourist attractions. This is time-consuming, wasting money and mental torturing.

bring kids go camping

You can now slow down your pace and finds beautiful routes along the way, challenges yourself, watching the sunrise and sunset on the mountains, watching flowers on the grass, listening to birds singing, and experiencing the stream is flowing. You will finally realize that the enjoyment process is the best travel experience!

Why most of the kids love outdoor activities, especially going camping? Well, this is because kids are having a lot of energy and they need some ways to release it. And camping is exactly the best way for them to release their extra energy.

Here are some of the benefits that you and your kids can get when going camping.

1. Camping is the best way for children to get in touch with nature

Children who are growing in the city basically never know many species of nature. Butterflies, dragonflies, geckos, fireflies, spiders… all these elves that grew up with us have basically disappeared in the city.

Therefore, you can bring your children to the outdoors to breathe the fresh air and let them feel the wildlife and comprehend nature!

Children can enjoy watching, listening and touching these wild insects when they are in contact with nature. This can fully satisfy their curiosity and the pleasure of active exploration.

2. Camping let children truly understand the world

Even though today’s children can learn all the things in this world through a small computer, but there is a thin screen in between. Can children who grow up in this environment really understand the world?

To know the composition of this world, in addition to the city, there is nature; in addition to the classroom, there are fields; in addition to toys, there are trees; in addition to cartoons, there are small squirrels; in addition to the amusement city, there are unknown wild mountains…

And how can we make children know this real world? The only way is to go out and go to embrace real nature. I in a natural environment, there is a similar life experience. In this way, your children can open their eyes, their hearts, and know what the real world actually looks like.

3. Create bonding time with kids

Camping is a preparation for the whole family. From buying equipment and setting up tents to cooking in the campsite. It is a family activity that involves all the family members.

In the process, the interaction and communication between the kids and the family are very frequent, and the relationship between the family members will be more intimate.

When you are camping, you will have a chance to sit on the grass with your kids. When you are tired, you can lie in the tent with them. For a time that is exclusive to you, have a deep conversation with your kids. This will let you enter into the inner world of your kids and eliminate the gap between you and your kids.

4. Kids can learn some hands-on skill during camping

In order to cultivate our children’s intelligence, we often neglect the ability to cultivate hands-on skills. It is better to teach them how to fish than to just give fish to them. Mom and Dad can’t stay with their children forever. Therefore, it is more important for children to improve their hands-on ability and learn to take care of themselves.

You can let your kids discuss how to set up a tent, or how to start a fire. This is very effective to exercise the children’s hands and brains. Let the children try to prepare a picnic and feel the joy of cooking. No matter how good the taste is, because they exchanged it with their sweat, they will definitely feel good about what they cook!

5. Camping can cultivate the ability of children to interact with people

Most of today’s children are the only child for their parent. They only have fewer opportunities to interact with other kids. Although they may have many companions, most of them are just people they are familiar with. Therefore, parents can take advantage of their time to go outdoors and encourage them to actively interact with other kids.

6. Camping can let children play happily

Love to play is the nature of every child. When going camping, you can simply let them enjoy the fun in the forest. When they are playing happily, their body and mind will become more comfortable and free. The children in camping are often so active, brave, atmospheric, and well-informed. All these make parents feel that their children at that moment are in his true look by showing their true attitude.

What life skills Your Kids Can Learn in Camping?

1. Cooking Skills

Whether your kid is a boy or a girl, they like to cook. You can let your kid help you cooking in a camp from an early age. Slowly, you will find that your kid is more likely to love cooking. When you are not with him, he can cook for himself.

2. Survival Skills

You can take your child to camp in the wild to learn some survival skills, such as how to take shelter, fire cooking, how to move safely in bad terrain and so on. These will help your child build confidence and be independent. At the same time, they can experience the joy of adventure.

3. Gardening

This is a life skill that teaches children to respect and love nature and can be self-sufficient if needed. Children can learn how the weather affects plants, how seeds germinate, how gardeners taking care of the plants and many more.

4. Emergency Rescue skills

It is easy for children to get injured while playing at the campsite. So this is a priority to teach children the emergency rescue skills. They should learn how to treat themselves and others from accidents and emergencies.

5. Swimming

You can teach this important life skill through a fun water sport. Your child needs to learn how to swim, even if he is not often close to the water. This is a skill that is practical and useful for the rest of anyone life.

6. Money Management

This is one of the important skills you can teach your child. Teach children the value of money and save for future life. Guide them to calculate the amount of money they need to spend and how much they need to save. Let them know all the cost of your camping equipment, gear, food, and soft cost so that they can have an idea of how much money you spent every time going camping.

You can instill them with some investment knowledge as well. Investment is very important when we talk about money management. This is also an important skill where the school tends not to care to teach in the school at all.

7. Washing Clothes

This is a skill that every child should learn early. Washing his clothes is very helpful for him to go abroad to study in the future, and he will find this skill is very useful for him for his life.

You can teach your kid how to wash and rinse the cloth. You can also teach them how to tight a rope to hang the cloth, how to find a place that the sun can shine through in order to have the cloth dry faster, and so on. Ask them to keep all the clothes when raining so that they have such awareness in mind.

8. Repair Electronic Appliances

You may find that your child is curious about what is inside the TV, washing machine, and refrigerator, so they are motivated to learn more. While in camping, you can teach him to change the light bulb and connect the electronic devices. But before that, you need to pay attention to safety. Don’t let your kid expose to any hazard.

9. Self-Defending

You can’t stay with your child to protect him all the time. So it’s better to teach him some defense skills at the campsite, such as karate. If you don’t have such a skill, you can have any people around the campsite to conduct the course, and you and your kid can learn together. This skill is very useful when your kid is getting an attack, he can protect himself.

10, Time Management

You should teach your child how to manage time from time to time. In the camp, you can set the time for kids to wake up, to go to bed, doing homework. You can also set the time when they can play when they need to cook when they need to eat, and etc. By doing so, when they grow up, they will know how to manage their time effectively.

What Can Children Gain?

Potential Discovery

While in a camp, through the activities the kids going through, it allows them to tap their potential and breakthrough themselves in the constant self-challenge. For children with strong learning ability, they are often able to extend this self-potential in the camp to other areas, such as academic or internal self-improvement. The impact of this promotion on the children will be very far-reaching.


We can teach our children through the games that we play in the camp. We can let them understand there is generally no absolute win or loss. As long as the task is completed and surpasses itself, it is considered a victory. The “I can’t do it” attitude that they practice in the school will become the “I can do it” attitude. This can greatly improve the child’s self-confidence.


You can set some rules for the activities that you have in the camp. This allows your kids to freely choose and find their own interests or advantages. With this, they will be able to master more skills in constant trials. The broad choice of space and time allows your kids to feel the freedom of mind and body, enhance their self-management ability, and discover their inherent potential.

Expanding Horizons

If your kids are going to attend an international summer camp, they can immerse themselves in a small international society where all participants are coming from different countries. They can learn about different languages and cultures of children who are coming from other countries. This can effectively expand their horizon.

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Our Experience

Our daughter is quite shy, she never takes initiative to talk to other kids. We are quite worried about this, and so we bring her to go camping. We hope that by bringing her outdoor more often, she can conquer her weakness.
And our decision is right. When she met with many same-age children at the campground, she started to interact with them. Now, even sometimes she still shies to talk to a stranger, but she has improved a lot.

Master Other Languages

Our daughter speaks Chinese with us. This is the language she mastered since she was born. But we know English is very important and we want her to learn the English language as well.

We bought and borrowed a lot of English story books for her to read. We tried to talk to her in English, but she is very reluctant to speak in English. We also sent her to join home school playing group where most the moms are having the English education background. Her English has improved a bit but not that much.

Finally, she managed to learn English in camping. We always go camping with my wife’s high schoolmate. She has two daughters and they have been spoken English all the way. When in the camp, she tried to speak Chinese to them and they will reply to her in English. Sometimes they just use the body and sign language to communicate. The scene is quite interesting.

But after some time, our daughter started to understand their language and she will start to come out with simple English. Her English keep improving afterward and now she can communicate with them well in English. At the same time, their daughters also learn Chinese from our daughter which I think is a good win-win situation for both families.

Start Doing Chore

Our daughter never wants to help to do the chore when she is at home. We have no idea on how to make her do so. But when she was at the campsite, she will take initiative to sweep the leaves, washing utensils, put the rubbish into the dustbin.

She also loves to ask her mom to help her to change the clothes while in the house. But when in the camp, she saw most of the children are changing clothes themselves without asking help from their moms, she also starts to change cloth by herself.

She does not dare to go to the toilet herself and every time needs to ask me or my wife to accompany her and help her out. But when in the campsite, she starts learning to be independent. She can go toilet to pee and poop by herself without the need for us to help her out.

Self Discipline

She is very noisy and keeps on asking us to do this and that while at home. But during camping, she will bring some books with her and read herself.

Willing to Share

She not willing to share food, snacks or toys with other kids. When in the campsite, she saw many children bring toys to share with others, and there is a lot of fun to play together instead of playing alone. She now willing to share her toys with other kids and playing happily with them.

Eat Healthier Food

She loves to eat junk food and snacks. Ice cream and chocolates are her all-time favorite. We are really worried about her for not eating staple food which may cause her to have not enough nutrients. During camping, she saw other children are eating rice, noodle, meats, vegetables, she also starts to eat these staple foods. She can even finish one bowl of rice where this is a rare case if she was having her meal in the house.

All these are the improvement we can witness by bringing our kid to go camping. We are pleased to see she gradually changes to become a better kid and grow healthily both mental and physical. We can see there is a lot of benefits she got from camping.

We just regret why we didn’t discover such benefit earlier by bringing her to go camping. If your kids also stubborn like ours, I would highly suggest and recommend you to go camping and you will witness positive changes of your kids.

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