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All Essential Items For You to Sleep Well When Camping

Sleep Tight With A Double Sleeping Bag

If you are a camping enthusiast, then you know how important it is to select perfect camping sleeping bags. Sleeping bags are not just for camping. You can use them to keep warm on a winter’s night as you watch television. They can even help keep you warm by using them in your bed. We are all very familiar with the bag made for a single person.

If you want something that will keep you and that someone special warm during the night, then get a double sleeping bag.

camping sleeping bag

These extra roomy, sleeping bags will help to keep you warm and cozy throughout the night. Even if you do not want to share it, it will be large enough for you to have lots of room to move around. You can find a double-wide sleeping bag at many stores that sell camping equipment.

You may check out a sporting goods store in your local area, or you can always look at the many websites that sell sleeping bags and other camping equipment. You will be able to find a sleeping bag that will be made from the warmest materials that we come to expect for the sleeping bag comfort.

Sleeping bags are made from materials that will help to insulate you and to keep the body heat within the sleeping bag. They also have exteriors that are often waterproof and to keep the cold air away from your body.

Some sleeping bags are designed to withstand extremely low temperatures and others are made for temperatures above 40̊. There are also different fillings that are used that can help to keep you warm at night. The condensed material helps to make sure that cold air and moisture will not seep into your body.

There is also the baby sleeping bag. My baby sleeping bag that I use for my baby when we go camping is plenty warm even in the cool months. It is hard to find a double baby sleeping bag because it is not normal that two babies are sleeping together.

There are also double sleeping bags that come with a hood. The good can come up around both of your heads to keep the air and elements at bay. One of the most familiar brands is the Coleman double sleeping bag.

The Coleman brand has many features that will make sure that the heat does not escape from the zipper and uses the fill that will keep you warm and cozy. There are actually two separate bags together to create a larger sleeping bag.

Sleeping with an air mattress can also keep you warmer at night by providing a layer underneath you at night, with a queen air mattress being a perfect fit under a double sleeping bag. In addition to sleeping bags, Coleman makes many camping products such as Coleman coolers and the Coleman lantern.

You may also be interested in purchasing a double sleeping bag liner. You can use this inside your sleeping bag to give you extra comfort and to help keep even more heat in. There are many types of materials that can be used. There are some that are made from silk and others that are made from cotton and cotton blends.

You can also use these if you are traveling in do not want to sleep on a hotel’s mattress. It can give you a layer of comfort and protection when you do not want to sleep directly on those sheets or have a bedspread come in contact with you. There are very compact and easy to carry whether you are traveling or backpacking through the woods.

Many of these camping accessories cost less than $125. Check out a variety of stores on the Internet and you can have your double sleeping bag delivered directly to your home. Once you get your sleeping bag, you can begin to plan that next great outdoor adventure.

Why a Sleeping Bag Liner is a Travel Essential

A sleeping bag liner is an essential travel item for everyone, whether you are on just a short trip or planning a year-long backpacking trip around the world. Most people will not need to pack a regular sleeping bag unless you’re planning on camping or staying in very cold countries, but a sleep sheet or sleeping bag liner will give you just the right amount of warmth and comfort and doesn’t take up much space in your backpack.

A sleeping bag liner is basically a sheet that has been folded in half and sewn down the two edges in order to form a bag. It can be used either in combination with a full sleeping bag to protect the inside and give an extra layer of warmth, or you can use it on its own in hot countries or under hotel or hostel sheets and blankets.

sleeping bag liners

sleeping bag liners

It’s possible to make your own sleep sheets if you are on a tight budget but they are inexpensive to buy and often come with handy features like a pillow pocket or in a mummy shape to fit mummy shaped sleeping bags. The range of fabrics and colors is also extensive including cotton, silk, bamboo and man-made fabrics.

A silk sleeping bag liner is the choice of seasoned travelers as they pack down very small, are incredibly light, dry quickly and do not get too hot in warm weather. They are not as expensive as they sound and can be bought from any outdoor activity or travel store.

You can also buy extra wide sleeping bag liners to fit a double sleeping bag–handy if you’re traveling with your partner, although the single versions are more flexible for cuddling up in when you’re waiting in an airport or bus station.

Keep Out The Cold With a Down Sleeping Bag

Going on vacation to camp is one of the most relaxing activities for many people. Getting away from the cell phones, the workplace, and the emotionally draining rat race is often a welcome comfort. Being at one with nature and using only the bare necessities is fun and exciting until you realize, you are going to have to sleep outside.

This is where some people can get a little nervous about things like rain or cold and being comfy enough on the ground that has many uses with sleeping not being one of them. Fortunately, we live in the 21st century when camping gear can bring back the comforts of home, namely sleeping bags instead of comforters and sheets.

Some people choose to camp in a tent trailer which is a little more luxurious than just sleeping on the ground. Others like the thrill of sleeping on the ground. This is a good sleeping bag will come into play along with a good foam pad.

If you haven’t been camping in the past couple of decades or at all you will be surprised to hear about the wide arrays of down sleeping bag that are available. Engineers who design and manufacture sleeping bags have found ways to make them durable, water resistant and downright comfy.

Either looking for yourself or looking for sleeping bags for kids, down may be the choice for you. The following information will give potential campers insight into the products available as well as why down makes excellent material for sleeping in the out of doors.

What is Down and Why Do They Make Sleeping Bags Out of It?

Individuals may have heard of down comforters, down coats and other items made from the material. Down is actually a type of feather that comes from birds. Some down used in manufacturing comes from geese and is termed goose down and other types are extracted from various species.

Manufacturers also use synthetic down which is similar in structure and properties to natural down. These are very soft and uniquely shaped feathers that are underneath the main layer of feathers in birds. Its properties enable down to efficiently trap air and prevent heat loss in birds.

This is why it is so popular as an insulator in blankets, coats and sleeping bags. Synthetic down is man-made and offers much of the same thermal properties as its natural counterpart.

The benefits of using down for bedding and outdoor sleeping items are that it can retain heat and is ultra soft. The drawbacks to natural down, however, are that when it becomes wet or damp it loses these properties and can take a very long time to dry out. Synthetic down is susceptible to the same things except it does not take as long to dry.

A company that has a good reputation and an ample supply of down sleeping bags are Marmot Mountain Works. It’s a company that has been around for about 3 decades with stores in Northern California and Washington as well as a strong web presence.

For example, the company offers a down sleeping bag for sale on its site called the Medicine Bow which is capable of keeping its occupant warm in 20 degrees Fahrenheit weather. The outer fabric is made from durable nylon and it features down insulation.

Total weight is 2 pounds 14 ounces when packed up and it has a mummy design allowing for coverage of the wearer’s head and shoulders. It retails for about 200 dollars.

Call them crazy but some people like to camp in the snow and need a bag with a little more muscle. A model that is a 0 degree down sleeping bag, as well as a goose down, is a product of the same names made by High Peak.

This is a slightly younger company than the first one mentioned and they specialize in outdoor camping equipment. Many of its products can be found online at Amazon, Overstock or other web retailers.

It is zero degree models use just the very tip of the goose down feather maximizing the amount of heat retention the bag can muster. It is also a mummy style bag made of nylon outer fabric and gooses down feathers for insulation. It retails for 140 dollars new on

This material used in camping gear will be a bit more expensive than alternatives however nothing will keep you warmer than bird down. Many of the sites may feature a down sleeping bag sale where bags can be purchased at a discount.

Online retailers like the ones mentioned above will also have better pricing than brick and mortar locations. Whatever you decide, whether you’re in a 4 man tent, 6 man tent, or sleeping with no roof over your head, keeping you warm should not be left to inferior materials.

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Sleeping Bag Care and Maintenance

There is a lot of variation when it comes to the quality and proper usage of sleeping bags. Not all are created for outdoor use, and some of the lower quality options will show signs of wear even after their first camping trip.

Regardless of your budget, one can find a high-quality bag that will more than fit your needs. For those who already own this piece of camping equipment but wish to extend its life, these same tips may be applied.

Examining the zipper is perhaps the easier way to tell the difference between a high and low-quality bag. The zipper itself should open and close easily. Plastic zippers tend to wear out quickly, and may not survive their first camping trip.

Instead, look for a heavy all metal zipper that is firmly affixed to the bag’s fabric. The stitches used to attach it should be small and close together and the material on either side should not be bunchy.

The filling within the bag should be evenly distributed and relatively thick. The thickness of the filling is a good indication of how warm those using the sleeping bag will be. For cold weather camping, you definitely want good, heavy camping sleeping bags.

If you will be camping in a warm area, a thinner bag will be adequate. However, it is still important to make sure that the fill has not gravitated to the bottom of the bag. If any holes appear that are allowing the filling to escape, they should be mended immediately. Bags that have any holes at all should never be washed before they have been repaired.

A good sleeping bag will be machine washable. However, too much washing will wear out even the best bag. Only wash when necessary and use mild water and a gentle cycle. It is recommended that they are line dried, as machine drying can wear out both the fabric and deflate the filling inside.

Twin Air Beds For Camping Enthusiasts

There are many people throughout the world who enjoy partaking in long and adventurous camping trips. It is important to note, however, that no matter how much of a skilled outdoorsman you are, your body still needs comfortable sleep to rest up each night.

No matter how much you enjoy camping outdoors, it is very difficult to get natural sleep when you are sleeping in an uncomfortable situation. This is where the twin air mattress comes in. It’s a light bed that pumps up and allows you to use as a makeshift bedding apparatus.

You might be wondering about cost, what would you really pay for a mattress that you can take your fold up to put it in a backpack and take it with you? You can’t take your mattress at home and fold it up and put it in a bag and take it with you but yet you’re twin air mattress since it is light because it is filled with air can sleep just as good if not better than a traditional mattress.

The thing is you can purchase a twin air mattress at a fraction of the cost that you would pay for traditional twin size mattress but yet you can store it anywhere and it comes in handy when you have that sudden overnight guest. It’s one of the great twin mattresses under 100 dollars.

Just like anything else you can get a basic model or you can get a more luxury as a model that is higher in price but it is covered with a cloth-like material to make it softer. So here you can get a nice mattress for a fraction of the cost and get a good night sleep just like any other mattress.

One of the best options you can get is the pump that you will use to blow up your air mattress, you can get the basic pump that you use your feet to operate or you can get one that is like a bicycle tire pump.

They also make an electric pump that will work off of either house current or 12 V like your automobile uses, this way you can use it outside while you are camping or on a family outing. This is what makes a twin mattress so versatile, you don’t have to use it just indoors but you can also use it outside.

Twin Air Mattress

One of the many things that can be a luxury in the modern camping experience is the inflatable twin air mattress. It is not the typical thing that comes to mind when the subject of camping surfaces, but it is very possible for this modern indulgence to bring much-needed comfort to the contemporary camper–especially those with back problems. Or a twin air mattress could be just what you need to go under sleeping bags for kids.

A twin air mattress with built-in pump offers many benefits. As a travel item, it can be used inside of a tent or pitched on a floor quite simply. It also deflates and stores compactly, making it easy to fold under the arm and take with you.

No matter which twin air mattress suits your current sleeping needs and your budget, the current market offers many options for both storage and sleeping. It is important to find the mattress that will accommodate most of your needs, but give you some flexibility just in case the inflatable bed needs to be used by your guests or to just give more comfort under camping sleeping bags.

Get the Best Blow Up Mattress or Twin Air Mattress

Blow up and twin air mattresses are great for camping or for home use. Think about it, you just moved into a new apartment, and you don’t have any money, these items come in handy in that situation.

They can go for as low as $10, but if you want a good quality twin air mattress you can find one for $50. If you prefer to buy premium blow up mattresses, they’re over $100. Brands that have great products are Intex, Coleman, Wenzel, Aerobed, and Texsport.

Aerobed Guest Choice Inflatable Bed

This blow-up mattress is for people who are minimalists. It’s a very straightforward twin air mattress, and buyers have found it to be very durable. It’s easy to store, and it takes little space. It comes with an integrated AC pump that can get the job done in under a minute.

Some reviews show that it’s comfortable, and they’re only complaining is that it can deflate a bit after a couple of days. One of these twin sizes blow up mattresses will work great for you, it’s the perfect balance between price and size. This makes them considerably more affordable than a king or queen size.

Coleman 4 in 1

The Coleman twin air mattress with a 4D battery pump, for example, has 32 coils and a soft suede top. Its attached carrier enables you to just wrap and roll the mattress once it is deflated and easily slide it back into storage.

The most outstanding feature of this mattress is versatility. It can be arranged to form two twin beds, a raised twin air mattress or a single king-size bed. If you get creative, you can form an extra long twin air mattress.

Many customers state in their reviews that it lasts a long time without having to pump extra air in it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include a pump, so you need to factor in the cost for that (about $20).

As for the multi-purpose twin bed air mattress, the Coleman 5 in 1 inflatable king twin sofa air mattress is a top choice. It serves several purposes for sleeping options. The bed can be stacked for double height, separated as two twin beds or zipped together and made into a queen-size mattress. As if that were not enough functionality, the bed also has a flip-out insert that transforms it into a sofa with a backrest.

This Coleman wonder bed has a special valve that locks air into the bed twice and works against the common air mattress problem of nighttime air leakage. With two cup holders and a carrying bag included, this mattress contains the ComfortSmart coil design. Puncture-resistant, it can hold up to 600 pounds.

Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Rising Comfort Twin

The Intex twin air mattress earns its reputation as a top choice in the inflatable mattress because of its ability to put the sleeper on a raised platform. The mattress has a horizontal indentation to make it easy to hold fitted sheets without the sheets sliding off.

The lower level of the Intex bed functions much like a box spring and gives added firmness for the back. Made with the nylon flocking, the mattress top is waterproof.

This blow-up mattress has an advantage over the Coleman because it has a built-in electric pump, so you can set it up in minutes with the least hassle. Forget about pumping air manually or buying a separate pump, unless you’re outdoors of course.

Another benefit is that it’s a raised bed, so it’s easier to get in and out of. Some reviewers complain about the pillow rest. Some because of a medical condition and others just find it uncomfortable. Despite those minor observations, we believe this is a great twin air mattress.

We hope that you found one of these models to be right for you. When buying a blow-up mattress think about what you will use it for. For example, if it’s camp, it’s no used to have a built-in electric pump.

If you want it for guests who spend the night, then you need nothing fancy, just comfortable. Be careful when handling them and avoid puncturing them. For extra security, it’s a good idea to add a padded blanket underneath.

Camping Pillows

There are two basic types of camping pillows; inflatable and packable. If you do any sort of adventure travel, you will have to choose one or the other to carry with you on your trips. Each has their own pros and cons, and choosing the right one can mean the difference between actually sleeping while you’re on your trip or restless and sleepless nights.

Inflatable Pillows

Inflatable camping pillows are great if you like to adjust the support you’re getting. They can be anywhere from very soft to over-inflated and very hard. They are also very transportable because without air in them they become quite small. They can be stored just about anywhere in your pack, and hardly weigh a thing.

The downside of this type of pillow is that they’re often made of an uncomfortable material; often having a rubbery or plastic feel. This can be counter-acted by bringing along a small pillowcase, but that adds gear to your pack and reduces the effectiveness of the transportability of your inflatable travel pillow.

Packable Pillows

Considered the more comfortable of the two types of pillows, packable pillows are great if you want the same sort of feeling you get from your pillow at home. These are also lightweight and can compress quite nicely (though not as small as inflatables), but they’re made of a softer material that replicates the feeling of a real pillow and pillowcase.

The only complaint about this type of travel pillow is the fact that some can compress a little too easily. This means when you lie on it, it might not even feel like you’re lying on anything at all.

The trick is finding a packable camping pillow that is both lightweight, can be compressed tightly, but retains some rigidity when you are resting on it. Don’t be afraid to try them out when you’re in the camping store–there’s no use in paying for something that you’re not going to end up using.

Camping often includes backpacking, hiking, and other physical activities. If you haven’t gotten a solid night’s sleep, you are not going to be in the peak physical shape necessary to tackle those activities. Your pillow really is your most critical piece of sleeping gear, maybe even more so than a sleeping bag, so take some time in choosing one that is going to give you your best sleep.

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