I am Yeoh, the main author of this blog. My wife, Alicia, and I live in Kuala Lumpur where outdoor camping is an activity that we can enjoy all year round. This is because there are no four seasons in Malaysia. It is spring throughout the year. What we have is only either shinning or raining day.

Yeoh Family

Our camping experience started just last year when our daughter reaches 4-year-old.

The purpose we want to go camping is because we want to home school our daughter. We are not happy with the conventional schooling which we think the school is too formal and not able to offer the best education for our daughter.

And when our daughter stays at home, sometimes when she has nothing to do, she will keep on making noise on want to watch TV or playing with our smartphone. To resolve this issue, my wife been very keen on searching online and joining Facebook groups with those who are having children and want to get information on how they treat their children in this situation.

Then we found a lot of parents are bringing their children to go camping. Most parents are having positive feedbacks that this is very good to keep them away from TV and smartphone. So, we join the group and go camping with them.

We found that this is true. When our daughter is in the campsite, she will be very busy to play around with other kids and completely forget about the phone. So, finally, we found a solution to resolve our problems.

As we progressed into learning what we were doing we realized the joys of being outdoors, especially all the camping gears and skills that required for camping. Besides, we learned with outdoor cooking, that it takes a while to get the supplies one needs.

As we progressed with our camping experience, we started to camp often as a way to introduce them to the great outdoors. Now we plan family camping trips for all special occasions. Besides spending a good amount of time outdoors, we found it very pleasing that campers are honest people and eager to make new friends.

So come and join us in the world of camping, and don’t forget to bring all your necessary camping gear.