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14 Sport Activities For Kids and Adults To Play At The Campsite

When going camping, other than lie down on the campsite and relax, there are many sports you can play with. You can have sports you can do solo or sports you can play with your family members. You can also play group sports with all the people who are camping around you.

kids outdoor activities

1. Jogging

Some people love to go jogging during camping. What is so great about running or jogging anyway? What benefits of running will I enjoy? And how come some people are “Running Addicts”?!!

First up, here’s why running is so popular…

  1. It’s Cheap–(Hey there no need for membership fees!).
  2. It Does NOT require you to wear special outfit.
  3. It’s easy–Almost anyone in your family can do!
  4. It’s a good way to spend time with your family or friend(s)

The health benefits of running and jogging are also endless. But these 7 benefits of running might inspire you to start.

  1. Improve Your Performance in Bed
    Think of improving your performance in bed? Forget pills or enhancements product, you just need to start running or jogging and you’ll on your way to last longer.
  2. Burn Calories & Lose Weight
    If you are sick and tired of being overweight, running regularly can help you to burn off calories – This makes you lose weight and have the perfect figure you’ve always wanted.So, why DO you need to spend more money unnecessary to lose weight by buying “Slimming Tea” or “Weight Loss Pills” which you know are just a gimmick.Running and jogging is easy, cheap and you can do it almost anytime and anywhere.
  3. Relieves Stress
    One of the most popular benefits of running for working adults is… Running is a great “Stress Relievers”. Stress is something that most people love to get rid of, but unfortunately, most people can’t.So if you feel stress or overwhelm, try taking a break and “let-off” some steam by running. Because your body will releases “Endorphin” when you run, which makes you feel good and happy.And while you are feeling happy, it gives your mind a chance to get creative and find ways to solve your problems.So, instead of taking the cigarette or alcohol to escape from your stresses, it’s far better for your mind and body to strap on those running shoes and go for a nice leisure run.
  4. Your Bones Will Be Stronger
    As you age, your bones get weak and brittle, unless you do something about this.Osteoporosis (where the bones become brittle and easily fracture or broken) affects an estimated 75 million people across Europe, USA and Japan as stated by The International Osteoporosis Foundation – IOF.So if you want stronger bones, you need to run or jog regularly and have a high calcium diet. This is a good combination to strengthen your bones and help you to stay healthy.
  5. Improved Your Cardiovascular Fitness
    Another major health benefits of running and jogging are, it helps to improve your cardiovascular fitness. Having good “Cardio Fitness” makes your heart stronger and efficient in pumping more high oxygenated rich blood cells to the rest of your body.This gives you more energy. And because of the increasing number of red blood cells in your body, this will also help your body to facilitate the transportation of oxygen. So now your breathing becomes better too!
  6. Reduce The Risk of Heart Disease
    One of the major risk factors for developing Coronary Artery Disease (heart disease) is living in a sedentary lifestyle.But you can reduce the chances of heart disease by running or jogging regularly. Because your heart will get stronger with regular cardiovascular exercises and help you maintain a healthy weight this decrease the chances of getting heart disease.
  7. Psychological Benefits
    NOT only will you benefit physically with regular running, but it will also benefit you Psychologically too! And compared to a sedentary person (a person who does not exercise regularly), you’ll achieve greater personality characteristics.Such as…Being Optimistic–Having a positive outlook on a bad situation.
    Being Better At Problem Solving–Better at overcoming life’s challenges.
    High Self-esteem.
    Being Emotionally Stable–Better at controlling your emotion (calmer, flexible, even-tempered, etc).
    Increase Ability to Concentrate–Better Focus.

2. Outdoor Cycling

A bicycle exercise program is an aerobic workout centered on biking. Other aerobic workouts, such as jogging, could damage joints due to the repetitive stress on the knees and feet. Outside cycling is very pleasurable. You can easily feel at ease with the wind blowing in your face and nature all around when you go camping.

Outdoor cycling workouts are wonderful since every day is a different experience. You can alter your directions on the fly or you can easily keep it the exact same.

The very best kinds of biking workouts rely on your health targets. Riding gradually in top gear will enhance the muscles in your legs while riding faster in a lower gear will provide you an improved aerobic training. A mix of short pace, high resistance intervals with fast riding will find you in the figure if your objective is to participate in a triathlon or just to reduce weight.

Cycling is not only great for your aerobic system, but an exceptional method to discover your community and surrounding areas. More and more locations have parks, bike roads and trails established for safe bike riding. Cycling can be used as a real transport to work, strictly as a fun means to exercise or to go see good friends. If you see some friends, try not to sweat too much.

For those who don’t wish to work out inside, outside cycling is a terrific means to get aerobic work out in the clean air. Road cyclists utilize bikes created to manage flatly paved roadways at high speed. Mountain bikes have thick tires compared to street bikes, permitting them to grip hard surface and sharp inclines.

Whichever choice you pick, consistently wear appropriate security gear, consisting of a helmet and reflective devices that help make yourself noticeable to automobile drivers. Where I am from, there are also many mopeds and other cyclists as well.

3. Outdoor Training Exercises

If you are tired of only running your everyday circuit, or tired of always doing the same exercises in the gym? Here I got something for you. This is a workout I love to do, especially when camping on a nice sunny day. This is good training for your overall body physique. It combines running and body weight exercise for the whole body.

So besides running, you will do a lot of push-ups, different pull ups, chin ups, and squats. It would be great if you have a not too steep hill and a playground near to your home. After this workout, you will not only burn a lot of calories and gain strength, but you will also feel great, you will fell as a champion.

Upper body training

So now you have already arrived in the campsite. Take a quick pause to stretch again. First, you will be doing push-ups. You will do push-ups with a handstand wider than your shoulder, shoulder weight handstand and a very narrow handstand. This part of training is great for your triceps, shoulders, and chest. You will do 12 sets of 25 repetitions.

Do 4 sets of each variation of push-ups. This is together 300 reps. Do the push-ups slow and with good form. After you are done with push-ups, you will do, like I like to say, “Reversed pyramid training”. Find an object where you will be able to hang from. You will do fifteen different sets.

The first set will have 15 reps the next set will have 14, then 13 and so on until you do 1 rep for the last set. Do different versions of pull-ups, chin-ups, vary your grip width and so on. Make it interesting for yourself. This training is great for your back, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. It actually affects your whole upper body. Again do all reps with proper form and don’t cheat.

Legs and Abs

The last part of the training will consist of training your abdominals and legs. First, you will do 3 sets of squats. Each set should consist of 50 repetitions. Squats work great for your quadriceps and calves. If this is too easy for your find a log or something you can put on your back, a backpack full of stones does a good job also, to add some weight and make the squats harder.

The last is your abs. Just lie down on the grass and do different exercises. Do at least five different exercises, do so many reps that you feel a good burn in your abdominals. You can even do different abs exercises by hanging on the pull-up bar and raising your legs for example. On the end do a long stretching for the whole body.

So this was my favorite training I do almost every morning in the summer time. This training is especially great for fat loss and overall physique, but you will also get stronger. Don’t let it be boring. I advise you to vary with exercises, you can also include some of your own exercises, you can change the order of exercises, but I advise you to start with running, as opposed to training in the gym, where you always do cardio last.

Try to always make it interesting, think of it as a game. For example look for a log, which is not too heavy. With the log, you can do different exercises like biceps curls, triceps extensions, chest presses or even deadlifts. This will surely bring some freshness to this workout.

4. Canoeing

Water sports such as canoeing can be a very exciting experience especially for the kids during camping. There is nothing like a vacation to a body of water to get some wet, wild experience and fun as a family.

However, you will want to be doubly prepared for such vacations as you would always want them to be memorable in the sense that they were fun. You don’t want your kids to have a memory of a terrible vacation because you were not able to prepare a few things that could have made the vacation really enjoyable.

Therefore, you should prepare very well for a vacation of this magnitude. So, given that there are a few tips so that you can enjoy your canoeing vacation.

1. Book way ahead. It is always important to be able to plan your vacation way ahead of schedule. While surprise vacations are fun and exciting, it does not leave you with much time to properly prepare for such a trip. You will want to get everyone schedules on the same page, and you’ll want to make arrangements so that everything that should be taken care of will be taken care of before the day of the vacation.

Good lead time will give you sufficient opportunities to shop for things you will need for the trip and the vacation itself. For example, you will want everyone in your household to be able to finish whatever they need to be finished before the vacation day. Your kids will want to have their homework done, the wife may need to have the house in order, and the husband may need to schedule a vacation leave away from work.

The lead time also the importance of that you can buy supplies for your vacation so that you can procure all the necessary equipment for the water sports. Is also important so that you are able to check your existing equipment such as the canoe and paddling gear.

2. Plan your vacation schedule. You’ll also need to know what you will be doing on the vacation itself. For example, if you are bringing your kids for the first time in a canoeing vacation, you will want to schedule where you will first put your canoe into the water.

For those who are not that experienced with canoeing, it would be the best start with ponds, or slow streams. This will help you introduce your kids into canoeing painlessly. As your kids gradually increase in their confidence in the water, you can then introduce them to other areas that may be more challenging.

Just make sure you go on them slowly. The first rule here is safety, so don’t rush anyone into deeper waters, tougher waters unless they are truly ready.

3. Check your equipment. You always have to make sure that your equipment is ready for use. It is not wise to just throw off a canoe from your garage and into the water. Always check your equipment to make sure that there are no holes, no cracks, no damage to the canoe before it is used.

Make sure you check if the canoe spring leaks before using them. Also should prepare other equipment such as flotation devices, paddling gear, and communication devices, just in case. Life jackets and other flotation devices are important for any water outdoor vacation.

It would not hurt to double check all your equipment, or even triple check them to make sure that your safety is assured.

4. Learn basic boating safety. One thing that should not be missed out that everyone who will be going on the vacation should learn basic canoe and boat safety rules. If you yourself do not know these rules yet, it would be best if you look them up before going on a vacation. And in extreme cases, you may want to rent the services of someone who does know more about canoeing to go along with you.

Canoeing vacations are fun and exciting, but you should also make sure that aside from being fun, they should also be safe. With a few precautions, you can save yourself a great deal of pain during the vacation. So good luck and safe canoeing.

5. Swimming

Swimming is a very ideal sport for you to do when going camping. You can find a campground that closes to the lake, river, or sea. Then you can have fun swimming with your kids.

kids swimming

If you start learning how to swim, you will know about all the benefits that swimming regularly can provide to your body. Once you know more about swimming you will find that swimming is not only fun but it also provides a lot of mental and health benefits.

One of the obvious benefits of knowing how to swim is that you can easily save yourself if you find yourself at a rough place in the water. You could be going on a cruise, a boat or anything. If somehow you are in the water you will have enough experience to take yourself to the shore.

Swimming provides a great cardio exercise. It helps you lose weight and stay in shape even if you do it only 3-4 times a week. It’s an awesome way to keep your body in shape while having fun at the same time.

Another benefit to swimming regularly is the peace that it gives. You will see that your mentality is improving and you are a lot happier and full of positive energy.

Swimming sessions turn out to be a great workout for your body. It utilizes more muscles in your body and improves your breathing. It makes your lungs stronger and also gives you wide shoulders and great physique. It’s for all ages and you do not have to be of a specific age to reap the benefits of swimming.

6. Hiking and Mountaineering

Camping if combined with outdoor activities like mountaineering, hiking, rock climbing or other extreme outdoor sports, can be a great way of getting involved with Mother Nature. While managing any outdoor trips it is very important to plan accordingly, keeping in mind the weather conditions and your vacation time. So it is important to prepare the clothing and camping gear accordingly.

backpack hiking

backpack hiking

It is wise to take along the first-aid kit, to make sure that you cope with minor injuries in case of any mishap. You must make sure that you take plenty of water and other necessary food items with you. Camping can also be related as one of the most exciting outdoor adventures. Camping trip makes you learn new things and experience life with a new dimension.

Prepare your clothes according to the weather conditions and carry out brief research, before planning your outdoor excursion. There are also many national parks made for the purpose of hiking, camping or fishing even. Different traveling directories will guide you in this matter of choosing the best place for camping, mountaineering, rock climbing etc.

You can plan different hiking trips accordingly, depending on the specific terrain you choose. There are many different sceneries and paths available for the hiking venture. You also need to have perfect footwear while hiking, as this will make your journey more comfortable and adventurous. By not having perfect clothing or footgear, you will feel considerably uncomfortable and will not enjoy the hiking venture.

Most of the people who go on hiking trips are basically lovers of nature. They also lay strong emphasis on their physical fitness. Apart from hiking people also plan camping trips. There can be various reasons such as exploring nature or experiencing outdoor life. It also provides a chance to get rid of the hectic daily life schedule and feel relaxed while camping outdoors.

Mountaineering is also one extreme outdoor sport as you need to have a lot of courage and patience to reach the mountain top. So you have to be physically fit for this strong outdoor excursion. Mountaineering is becoming very popular with people of young age.

7. Fishing

Fishing is also one of the most special outdoor sport, through which you can make your camping trip special and have a lot of fun. You can also learn different tips and instructions related to fishing. Not only this but by having a proper guide or carrying research you can also gain information on different fish types. Fishing requires patience as you have to wait for a certain time to catch your fish.

8. Badminton

It is easy for you to play badminton when going camping. All you need to bring is just a few rackets and shuttlecocks and you are all set.

What are the benefits of playing badminton outdoors?

Badminton is undoubtedly the most convenient sport for you to play outdoors with your kids. You can play it at an open space. There are some benefits that you can get from playing badminton outdoor.

  1. Improve blood circulation
    Badminton is a strong physical exercise like basketball, tennis and table tennis. The playing skill accounts for 40% and the physical strength accounts for 60%. Thus, you will end up doing a lot of stretching by playing badminton. It can help in adjusting and balancing the body, improve blood circulation and promotes metabolism.
  2. An Entertaining Sport
    Health experts say laughing is very beneficial to people’s spiritual well-being and to promote the activity of internal organs. It can detox our body. People tend to laugh a lot while playing badminton and this can help to keep our sentiment in good mood.
  3. Games that Need to use Your Brain
    You need to play badminton by using your brains and not just your strength. You need to study the weaknesses of your opponent in order to win the game. So you can then come out with the right strategies to win the game and this can increase your confidence.
  4. Good Eyes Exercising
    When playing badminton, your eyes need to focus on the shuttlecocks. Your eyes need to always follow where the shuttle is. With the rapid eyes movement, it can gradually improve the vision of your eyes.
  5. Having New Friendship and Improve Family’s Bond
    Through playing badminton with all the people who camp around you, you will make new friends. If you are having fun with your family members, the relationship will become tighter.

9. Ping Pong

Most people think ping pong can only be played indoors. Well, this is not really true. You can play the game outdoor as well. Also, you no need a full-size table to play ping pong. A full-size table is bulky which is almost impossible for you to bring along with you to the campsite. Load and unload of the bulky table may kill you.

You can get a mini size table which is foldable and it will not take much space for you to put in your car or in your RV. When you are at the campsite, you can simply unfold the table, take 2 rackets with the ball, and you can play the game right away.

10. Yoga

If you never practice yoga before, it might be somewhat intimidating at first. However, it is a really good exercise that you can practice outdoor especially when you going camping. through continuous practice and studying yoga, you can become knowledgeable in no time. As with any type of discipline, it is important to know as much about it as you can. It will give you a leg-up in not only your classes but your understanding of yoga as a whole.

Yoga has become one of the front-runners in exercise today. It doesn’t just offer physical wellness, but mental as well. While it is normally associated with Hinduism, yoga is actually much older than it was first speculated. It is known to be one of the oldest physical disciplines in all of existence. However, the exact origins of the yoga practice are unknown. However, yoga is thought to be at least five thousand years old. Which, as you might have already begun to understand; is ancient in the world of disciplines. It’s no wonder that it has become extremely popular during this stressful day and age.

While yoga is defined by the modern scholar as a classical Indian science, that is concerned with the search of the soul. Along with the union between the singular person and the divine. However, today it is being labeled as a holistic method of transforming one’s body. The essence of yoga is to bring the person who practices it, into the proverbial driver’s seat of their life. Controlling their body, breath, and mind through yoga.

Yoga isn’t just something you do once in a while when you go camping, it’s a way of life. The secret of practicing yoga lies in a simple word; balance. As with many other holistic methods of regaining control of your body, yoga focuses on balanced moderation. Which means that your yoga class doesn’t just stop at the door. Instead, yoga is a way of life that you adopt into your regiment; giving you a leg-up in a stressful world.

In practicing yoga, you will learn some of the key points in understanding the yoga way of life. While it is meant to enlighten yoga beginners, it is also a great means of refreshing experienced yoga practitioners view on yoga. When you know more about this exercise, you will learn the different types of yoga to choose from, the importance of meditation in your life, along with several other key-points of yoga. Much like a yoga class, you should enter with an open mind and a heart that believes. Giving you the ability to learn about the wonderful world of yoga.

11. Rock Climbing: As Graceful as it Gets

One of the most graceful and rewarding camping activities is rock climbing.

Rock climbing gives a totally unique experience of staying in perfect sync with nature. Under the tutelage of a proper instructor, rock climbing can be learned within a month or two depending on the amount of time you spend on it.

Gaining confidence and becoming a skilled climber is a process that takes a while. However, once you are over the learning curve, you’ll be an accomplished climber and will be able to enjoy this exhilarating experience to the fullest.

There are a number of aspects of climbing that you would receive guidance for when you undergo training:

  • Safety equipment and usage
  • Climbing gear
  • Tying knots and various ways to tie knots while climbing
  • Belaying with precaution
  • The various techniques and methods of rock climbing

However, before you sign up to lessons in rock climbing, you need to ensure that you are physically fit and have the strength and stamina to climb rocks. In order to get in shape, you should make sure that you hit the gym regularly for a few days or go swimming on a regular basis for at least a fortnight.

Rock climbing comes with a number of dangers and you ought to develop a diligent attitude for it before you can confidently take on the climb. If you have just started learning, you’d be up against a wall, so to speak. The key is not to give up. With a little courage and endurance, you can easily become an accomplished climber and go rock climbing while camping.

12. Water Sports – Invigorating Camping Activity

Water skiing is one of the most fascinating activities, both to watch and to engage in. Your camping trip can be based on a whole lot of water sports but skiing and wakeboarding are considered to be the most difficult activities of all.

While it is not necessary to be a practiced swimmer to ski, it is definitely recommended. Similarly, you should learn the art of treading water as well if you are looking to learn water skiing.

The most important part of water skiing is to ensure that you ward off dangers like losing your balance and hitting submerged rocks or getting tipped by the waves. Skiing is all about developing your concentration and keeping balance.

Even the most experienced skiers are always wary of the danger of losing their balance. This is because at higher speeds, losing balance and hitting the water can be fatal as the impact of hitting the water would take its toll on your body.

Skiing is an activity that is not for the faint-hearted. Many would say that it is not an appropriate family activity, but if you are physically fit and have the courage to take a few hits, learning to ski will not be all that difficult.

It may be time-consuming but with practice, you can become a good skier. It is always beneficial to ski with professionals or a team of skiers in order to ensure that help is always around the corner in case of a mishap.

North America gives you a number of water skiing locations and once you have learned to ski, there is nothing better than having a look at the waves from such close proximity. Most of the camping activities would take you close to Mother Nature and you would return with not just the blues but with a lot more positivity than you ever had.

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13. Kayaking

You don’t need a lot of equipment for kayaking, but you need to focus on getting the simple things right. Ensure that you buy the right kayak, paddle, helmet, spray skirt and life jacket for your particular needs.

When it comes to purchasing the paddle, you should take into consideration its blade shape, the material with which it is made and the size  (in terms of length, width, and weight).

If you are a novice, you should keep your options confined to aluminum shaft paddles. You can switch to carbon fiber or wood or fiberglass blades once you become an expert.

It is illegal to not be wearing a life jacket while Kayaking in most parts of North America. Also known as a personal floatation device, life jackets are important to ensure the safety of the boater as well. Type III PFDs are highly recommended.

Similarly, kayaking helmets should be high quality in order to withstand any unforeseeable bumps and bashes.

Spray skirts come with a grab loop and this helps the kayaker to break the seal with maximum ease in situations of emergency. Whitewater spray skirts are made of neoprene and are widely used by kayakers around the globe.

On the other hand, if you are not a regular kayaker, you could look into recreational spray skirts that are made of nylon. Waistbands, adjustable suspenders, and cords for boat attachment are the key features of a spray skirt. The size of the spray skirt that you choose will depend on the size of your waist.

Just to be on the cautious side, you should ensure that you bring your shades with you since the sun is much stronger when it is reflected off the water. Make sure you bring and apply a lot of sunblock as well.

14. Fishing

If you have the flair and skills for fishing, you should be aware of the kind of addiction it could develop into (I may be speaking from experience). Fishing requires you to stock up on a range of equipment:

Fishing Rod

The rod allows the angler to feel the fish biting. Either fibreglass or graphite is used for making the blank of the rod. Your choice of rod depends on the kind of fish you want to catch. Similarly, some other things to consider would be the length of the handle and the material of the blank.


When you set out to choose a hook, you would need to take into consideration the weight and the size of fish you want to catch. Hooks help the angler to use the bait and help the bait stay for a lot more time to help the angler to catch fish with maximum ease. The most popular kinds of hooks are Octopus Hook, Southern and Tuna Hook, Long Shark Hook and Ganging Hook.


There was a time when braided lines were used while fishing in saltwater but these lines have now evolved into monofilament lines, also known as super lines. The two kinds of monofilaments are ‘limp’ and ‘abrasion resistant’.

Reels have also evolved over time and come in various types, namely, closed face spinning reel (the simplest one – operated with a push button), open face spinning reel, bait-casting reel (come equipped with a braking system) and the fly reel, which helps in keeping the line from tangling.


Bobbers come in various sizes with varying levels of buoyancy. Used for both fresh-water and salt water, bobbers help in inserting the bait at a specific depth under water.


A sinker helps in gripping the bait at a certain depth beneath the water surface. There are various kinds of sinkers available in the stores–ball, bean, split, snapper, shot, star, spoon and teardrop.


The lure is your good old colorful pieces of artificial plastic that lures fish by simulating the movement of their natural prey. Depending on the ease of fishing, you can choose lures from various shapes, sizes, and colors.

When you’re looking to go camping, carrying high-quality camping equipment is very important along with your other traveling accessories. Your camping trip would be safer and much more fun with the right kind of camping equipment.

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